Top 4 Ways To Make Simple Pizza At Home, Go To The Kitchen To Do It Now!

4 simple ways to make pizza at this house will help you get more delicious dishes for the family.0: 00/8: 51 Southern men on weekends, with the same house to eat and chat with dishes The mainstream is that pizza is great. And you know, instead of going to the restaurant like every time, if you do your own pizza, it will create a new, interesting and amazing atmosphere. See 4 ways to make pizza at's home to get into the kitchen and show your special ingenuity right away

. Bloom: 10gr Olive Olive: 25ml Final: 10g Baccide Bread: 1kg Green Bell: 100grasting Red Bell: 50gr Tay: 80grTom: 30gr Memory: 30grTom: 4 Mozzarella: 200gr Fate: 25gr Ban Tay: 25grbasil: 5grbay Leaf: 2 slimpato paste : 100gr white: 60mloregan steps to make a seafood pizza: Make the base of the enamel blooming into the bowl of dissolves and warm water and leave about 5 minutes. . Pouring slowly blooming into the mixture and for a little water filter, use chopsticks stir up and carry out the dough
Split the powder into each other and round, then let the flour leave for about 15 minutes. After the powder rests enough, remove it again and roll it again. Sprinkle a layer of flour on the plane, using rolled rolled powdered trees evenly, then sprayed water to moisturize and continue to brew 1 hour for another hour. Rolling the dough again and put it on the mold, using a fork stabbing the cake to avoid bulging when baking. Then, give the cake into the bake at 230 degrees Celsius for 5 minutes. Tomato sauce is sour to rinse, separate seeds and have a puree. celery and fly leaf into fragrant yellow. Next, add tomatoes, tomato paste, white wine, pepper, Basil, oregano into the pan and taste sugar salt to eat. Use the island when the mixture is steamed and turns off the kitchen. Shrimp peeled and removed the head, the ink cut into a small feeding, scallop cutting pomegranate
For shrimp, squid, scallops into the pan, add a little salt, pepper, use the chopstatizer for ripe seafood and spices. Stir-fry until seafood changes color, horrors can turn off the kitchen. Mozzarella Mai Mozarella. Wash bell peppers, onions and celery and pomegranate. Black Olive, separating seeds, Thai Thanh small slices for decoration. Go to cakes and baked spoones with a thin layer of tomato sauce on the baked cake, spread the seafood with cheese and chili Bells, Olive fruits and some oregano leaves upwards. In order to have delicious and beautiful finished products that require you to decorate tricky and meticulously .Bake the oven cake in 200 degrees C in 10 minutes, then give the cake into the grill. Wait about 20-25 minutes, observe the golden cake base, the nine marriage to the same layer of melting cheese, get the cake out of the oven, wait a few more minutes to enjoy it right away. The cake will be more delicious when you are hot, you can take the chili sauce or tomato to increase the flavor. How to make a cheese pizza for cheese pizza: Cake base: 150ml warm water250gr Powder made of bread (not powder blooming and Not a multi-purpose wheat flour) 1 Spoons of dry enamel blooms (instead of dedicated yeast that restaurants use) 1 spoon of small olive oil, salt fine cake: tomato soy sauce, or self-chipped tomatoes 300gr Mai Mozzarella is afraid of the steps to make cheese pizza: Step 1: Step 1: Knead a warm water into a bowl, for a spoon of blooming enameled, 1 tablespoon olive, ½ small spoon and a little salt and a little salt and stir. Put the powder in another bowl, pour the water solution that has been mixed above, pouring and mixing evenly from outside into the inner hand. Do not overlook or dry. Then pour the flour to the plane (can be a tray) to flour to finely and obtain a smooth powder mixture. Clean up the bowl while kneading the dough, scan an olive oil into the citadel and the bowl to the bowl Give oil evenly. Use the food wrapped in the mouth of the bowl. Powder in the cold compartment for 2 hours to bloom. Batch 2: As a 2-hour base, the bowl has hatched twice, taking the cake back 3 - 5 times for the cake and without air bubbles and using rolled trees Powder rolled the face of about 3mm. Preparing to make a cake mold with small holes at the bottom, this type of mold works to the cake without steaming water, the cake will be more crispy. Use the fork stabbing on the shell to create small holes that help the cake do not bulge when baking. Memorizing the amount of cheese is rising, when baked cheese will flow into the cake stick together and stick to the cake , When the handle is not crashed. Neck 3: Bake the cake into the oven, turn on the oven at a temperature of 200 degrees C and bake about 15-20 minutes until the ripe cake, the crispy gold cake is. Pizza cheese is done. When enjoying you with chili sauce will ng

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