Top 4 Ways To Make Watermelon Ice Cream At A Simple Home, Delicious Taste

How to make watermelon ice cream that shared here are ways to turn watermelon ice cream with different types of ingredients to make it easy to do at home, refer to now! 0:00 / 5: 07 domain Namkem Watermelon is a popular ice cream and is also very easy to do. Just the simple ingredients and quick ways to do it, you can manually make super attractive sweet watermelon ice cream dishes for the whole family. How to turn watermelon ice cream with different types of ingredients to make it easy to do at home, please refer to it! 24 gr Food color: 1 teaspoon (red) Road: 100 gram: 1 little watermelon ice cream Processing fresh watermelon cream: Preliminating watermelon and watermelon bought, you peel off the shell, rinse and cut it into these Small square blocks. After that, you use the sharp part of the knife to remove the grain

. You keep 125gr watermelon to slug in the next step. Then, the remaining melon you put into blender, puree and filter 600ml Watermelon water.Pha Mixed watermelon, North Pot on the kitchen, for 600ml watermelon water, 100gr sugar, 24gr cornstarch, 125gr watermelon and 1 little salt
Then, boil with medium fire Come when the mixture is steamed, to add on the kitchen from 1 to 2 minutes, turn off the kitchen. Next, you lift the mixture into the kitchen and leave it out. You use a stir to stir when the mixture is completely dissolved and no longer pigs of watermelon pieces, put it in the refrigerator from 1 - 2 hours. Watermelon - Prepare a bowl and put in 232gr fresh milk cream (whipping cream). After that, use a hitting egg at medium speed until the peaking cream is reaching. Next, you take the watermelon mixture from the refrigerator to fill the fresh milk cream and add 1 teaspoon of food color Red. Use a mixture of mixed eggs mixed with a mixture. To be 2-3 hours, you take the mixed bowl, use a feet mixed and continue using the egg beating machine to fight evenly within 1 - 2 minutes. Next, use a box or mold with the lid and for the mixture Combining watermelon cream into and put in the freezer from 7 to 8 hours, you have immediately watermelon cream to enjoy it! Watermelon cream for yogurt: 300g watermelon, 225ml yogurt, 75g sugar, honey 30ml , 25ml lemon juice, vodka wine (or white wine) watermelon cream for yogurt cream made of yogurt watermelon: Step 1: Watermelon washes, peeled, grain, cut into each piece. For watermelons into the blender blender, then combing the sieve to remove the remaining melon seeds
Stewater 3: for watermelons into the blender blender with yogurt, water melted sugar, juice lemon, alcohol and depending on the taste you give To be a lot or less .Secon 4: Pour the mixture on the ice cream machine and set a time about 30 minutes. If you don't have a ice cream machine, pour the mixture of plastic boxes, cover the lid or food bag and leave in the refrigerator compartment. Next, every hour is that you take out using a mixed spoon once. Watermelon watermelon raw material: Watermelon: 400gr ethe: 2 tablespoons: 2 fruits Coconut core: 150gr, grafted: 1/2 cup watermelon Water watermelon ice cream coconut water watermelon: Step 1: Completely soluble 150gr golden squirrel coconut milk with 450ml warm water obtained coconut milk. Water 2: watermelon peeled, cutting pieces and granules, Bring frozen for at least 2 hours. Lemon grabs the juice. For frozen watermelon, coconut milk, lemon juice, honey, coconut coconut into puree.Secon 3: Pouring slowly the mixture on ice cream molds. Give the ice cream to the stone compartment. After 1 hour, take out to plug in the ice cream sticks and continue to keep it cold about 4h-5h for freezing and frozen. If you want a cream with a sweeter flavor, you can add honey quantity. Watermelon dense watermelon Data: 300g Watermelon100ml Milk Essolis - 200mm cream Whipping100g Road yogurt (depending on the taste) Milk watermelon cream Special made of condensed milk watermelon cream: Step 1: You preliminary watermelon, peel to remove the melon, then cut melons into small pieces and remove all the seeds. Processing into blender and grinding for puree. After that, you put the road to stir the road to dissolve and pour this mixture through the filter to collect watermelon juice. Scebill 3: You give whipping cream into a large bowl and proceed to the ice cream until the mixture Cream becomes special and soft cotton. After that, you add condensed milk, watermelon water and yogurt into the whipping cream bowl and stir the hand for the ingredients interacting each other. Then put in a fridge compartment for about 4 hours. After 4 hours, you can get out using it. Note: How to make a watermelon bag cream or how to make watermelon ice cream also do the same as the steps of you. It is simple to have a cup of ice cream Own watermelon

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