Top 5 Best Face Cream 2021 Sisters Should Not Ignore

If you are wondering about choosing the most suitable face cream for me, let help you through the following article! In many sisters will not be able to lack white cream . This is one of the daily facials products to nurture, restore, supplement skin nutrients to remove melanin pigments, anti-aging, improve wrinkles. At the same time, white cream also works to protect the skin from the sun, smoke and pollution. However, on the market today very diverse creams that make sisters skeptical and wondered do not know which white cream products choose

. Don't worry, please refer to the top 5 best facial white cream 2021! First! REALWHITE FACEFIRY WHITE SURFACE WHITE WHITE WHITE DAY - REAL WHITE NIGHT WHICH WITH WORKING FROM WOMEN WITH WITH THE FIRST BASIC Disadvantages The following lightweight cream structure helps perish quickly, non-greasy or leaving white patches On the skin.Da will begin to have a change after about 2 weeks of use and white turn on tone, all colors, blurred bruises - melasma after 1 month using white nursing simultaneously for good skin, skin will be smooth More after use. The components in REAL White cream are very safe, so it is suitable for all skin types
In particular, the skin does not have signs of coloring after you stop using the white skin effect, so you need to be persistent to find the efficiency of a slightly high level compared to the common ground (VND 1,390,000 / 50ml) 2 . Innisfree White Whitening Pore Creaminnisfree Whitening Pore Cream is also a white skin cream originating from Korea, is very famous and hunted in Vietnam to mention the top of the best facials 2021 can not help but mention this product.Inisfree Whitening Pore Cream has the following outstanding advantages: Innisfree Whitening Pore Cream cream has the main ingredients that are derived from natural herbs safe for the skin. The main ingredient is flavonoid and vitamin C, E is extracted from the tangerine shell capable of effective whitening, which helps skin evenly, improving melanin pigment simultaneously with full moisture to produce natural collagen, elastin Help skin good elastic, preventing aging, liquid, lightweight, osmosis when applied on the scent, the scent of the cream is not cramped, gentle, pleasant price of the product is also mid-range, suitable for Money bags of many sisters 500,000 VND / bottle of 50ml3. 3CE White Milk Cream White Cream 3CE brand must have been familiar with many beautiful sisters. For 3CE White Milk Cream whitening cream products, it is possible to mention the following advantages: Advantages of vitamin E components in very benign nurses capable of brightening skin, improving signs of aging Oily control, miniature full moisture pores, helps skin smooth and stronger from withinkem has a thin thin texture, fast penetration, the fragrance that can be suitable for oil and sensitive skin, so Use perseverance to use high prices (VND 620,000 / vial) 4. Laneige White PLUS Renew Original Cream Excinal Cream Excinal Cream is a Laneige Korean cosmetic brand with the following outstanding advantages: The product is applied to MELA technology - Crusher exclusive of Laneige brand with effective skin care effects Main ingredients of products and green tea extract, truffle yeast, absolutely safe vitamin B3, do not irritate bright, healthy, anti-aging skin, serve The lesions, strengthening protection, natural collagen restoration, deep moisturizing for skin efficient. Light thin cream, good nutrient absurdity does not cause breasts suitable for all kinds of skin cream Laneige White Plus Renew Original Cream EX is 650,000 VND / bottle.5. Snow White Milky Cream White Snow White Cream Snow White Cream is specially treated in the form of skin cream, which can be used as a background cream when makeup
Ice cream texture is not too solid but still need to apply evenly, massage well if you don't want to be connected to the pores. When applying to the skin will not cause greasy sticks that are very dry. Components include: Vitamin B3 and Niacinamide Niacinamide skin whitening, non-paraben, phenoxyethanol, benzophenone, color products, dyes or animal oils. - Advantages: Helping whitening, moisturizing and nurturing skin, sun protection; Can be used as makeup lining, affordable price - Limit: Concentrated cream, so it is easy to cause sticking without applying evenly, the packaging does not seem to be "premium". With the above synthesis , wish you a useful reference information about the top face cream 2021.min (synthesis)

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