Top 5 Fastest Cars In Bmw’s History

The maximum velocity can reach 306 km / hour, M5 CS 2021 is considered the fastest model in the history of BMW.0: 00/2: 51 nam1. BMW M5 CS 2021: 306 km / hour (Photo: Hotcars) is confirmed that the fastest, most powerful BMW car model, M5 CS uses a 1.4-liter V8 engine with a double voltage power level 635 horsepower, 750 nm torque can accelerate from 0 to 100 km / hour in 3 seconds and reach a maximum speed of 306 km / hour. M5 CS is considered to be the pinnacle in the BMW

.2 product line. BMW M8 Competition 2021: 304 km / hour (Photo: Hotcars) BMW 8-Series is a replacement for 6-series but has been raised up to a higher level than 6-series. M8 Competition carries the highest specifications available and based on M5 Competition
The maximum speed of BMW M8 Competition is up to 304 km / hour. BMW M5 Competition 20218: 304 Km / h (Photo: Hotcars) in BMW M5 Competition Version 20218, V8 engine with a 1.4-liter voltage voltage (M TwinPower Turbo) has been raised the capacity of 625 horsepower at Round rings from 6,000 - 6,700v / p - up 25 horsepower compared to the standard M5 with a capacity of 600 horsepower.BMW M5 Competition 2018 is also equipped with the following four-wheel-drive migration system to allow people Select the selection between 4WD modes, 4WD Sport and 2WD. Vehicles with acceleration time 0 - 100 km / hour within 3.3 seconds; Faster than standard M5 with acceleration time 3.4 seconds.4. BMW M5 "30 Jahre Edition 2015": 304 km / hour (Photo: Hotcars) BMW F10 M5 "30 Jahre Edition" is a special M5 version created to celebrate the 30th anniversary BMW M5. It only has two colors, cakes Special car and equipped with M-Driver's Package, meaning that the car can reach 304 km / hour
Only 300 units are produced worldwide, making "30 Jahre Edition" become a rare car to own.5. BMW M4 GTS 2016: 303 km / h (Photo: Hotcars) M4 GTS is a focused version on the track and stronger than the normal M4 coupe. The car is equipped with the S55 Twin-Turbocharged Straight-6 engine like on the normal M4. However, the capacity has been increased to 500 horsepower. The maximum speed of M4 GTS is increased to 303 km / hour and it has completed a Nurburgring Nordschleife racetrack, faster than 24 seconds compared to a normal M4 . This means it as fast as a Porsche Carrera GT.Thang (Source: Hotcars)

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