Top 5 ‘rooftop’ Scores Of The World

The journey to conquer the height of the legendary mountains seems to be unlimited. The higher the mountains are more than given to a big attraction. And that's why the highest peaks in the world are always the ideal targeting of mountain climbing explorers. Below is a list of the highest mountains in the world as of the present time.0: 00/0: 00Nam Northern1

. Peak EveresThTPS: // is the highest peak in the world with a height of 8,848m and now Everest's height has increased to 8
850m.https: // This mountain Located on the border between Nepal and China. Because of the tall, majestic and always skyrocketing about altitude through timeline, so Everest is often considered a symbol of sustainable development.Https: // for the first time Be conquered by Nepali Sherpa Tenzing Norgay on a British expedition in 1953 by the South Col.https route: //dulich.petrotimes
vn/2. Mountain K2Https: // K2 is the second high mountain on Earth, after Mount Everest. This second highest mountain in the world belongs to the Baltoro Karakoram range between the Chinese border and Pakistan.https: // is a mountain with a height of 8,600m, dangerous and difficult to conquer Another name is "Savage Mountain". The mountain was first conquered by Italian expedition.https: // Mount Kanchenjunghttps: // With a height of 8586m, Kanchenjunga also known as the name Kachendzonga located on the border between India and Nepal has up to 5 peaks, covered with white snow. Https: // dulich / Not only the third highest among the 10 most highest mountains in the world, Kanchenjunga also carries a great spiritual meaning for people Sikkim and both Darjeeling in the neighborhood.https: // dulich. Mount Lhotsehttps: // also knows the highest Mount Everest in the world, but there is also another mountain of the Hymalaya range with a height that is not inferior but not everyone knows that it is Lhotse. LHOTSE is like an Everest's forgotten twin, almost another version of Everest, equally harsh bringing its own difficulties and challenges.Hsty: // Ruong Climbing Lhotse also has a schedule similar to the road to the Mount Everest. Lhotse is also part of the Hymalaya range. This mountain was first conquered in 1956.https: // was also warned to be one of the extremely difficult and dangerous peaks by the peak year-round. Thick snow layer, very often snowstorms or landslides anytime.https: // Mount Makaluhttps: // Makalu principal has a height up to 8.463m and high is the fifth high mountain peak in the world. It is located 19 km southeast of Everest from Everest, located on the border between the two countries Nepal and China. Makalu also belongs to the Himalaya.https: // Makalu is first conquered by a US expedition led by William Siri in 1955.https: // There is a shape of a separate 5-sided pyramid. Ridgare's Southeast and Northwest ribs are the main climbing routes to top Makalu. The higher the temperature will lower, the climate is very dry.https: // Huong

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