Top 500 Best Songs Of Rolling Stone: Which Z Gene Is Lucky In The List?

Rolling Stone magazine recently announced a list of 500 best songs of all time. This list has the appearance of many cult names and the songs that make rain doing winds at different stages <: 00/2: 57 nam southern music rolling stones and updated list 500 songs Best of all time. In addition to the rice artists like The Beatles, Michael Jackson, Madonna, Britney Spears, this year's list also added the cult's cult names "to rain" the music village like Taylor Swift, Cardi B, Billie Eilish And Lil Nas X. The Rolling Stone is updated with the list of 500 best songs of all time. Is one of the typical artists for the new generation, Taylor Swift is honored to have 2 songs Top: Blank Space (Rank 357) and All Too Well (ranked 69)

. With a massive music career, the ability to compose many times was praised by critics, Taylor Swift caused fans to "bloom face" when contributing to the list next to many legends of the world music village. Taylor Swift's composition is always appreciated by Critics.Lorde is the youngest artist in the Millenials generation (Gen Y) to the top 30 with Royals
The song was written for 30 minutes that changed the mass music floor at that time. Among the vibrant songs about partying and the Savatten Lifestyle, Royals with minimalist strikes those hits from the top of the music championships. Lorde's daring music thinking has become a source of inspiration for many genes of Z geners later. Many young artists admitted to the music of Lorde.Beyoncé's music still holding the form "sister" 5 articles are listed in the top 500. The super hit Crazy in Love, Formation, Single Ladies (Put A Ring on It), Formation and Savage (Remix) Located by the magazine

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