Top 6 Alternatives If ‘don’t Like’ Iphone 13

If I don't like iPhone 13 or wider than IOS, the following 6 phones will be a bright selection for you.0: 00/4: 12 Southern Samsung Galaxy S21Samsung is always counterwee of Apple and Flagship Their also can completely compete with Flat With iPhone 13 Series. One of the most attractive points is that Samsung promises to update the operating system for 3 years and 4 years of security patching for S21 series, it's better Much compared to other Android smartphones. The 3 models of the Galaxy S21 series have OLED 120Hz screen, connecting 5G, 12MP wide camera and 8k video recording. Galaxy S21 is the cheapest and smallest sample, with 4,000mAh battery, a relatively different three-camera system system despite plastic case

. Meanwhile, S21 Ultra is the largest and most expensive model, with a 5,000mAh battery, two telephoto cameras (3x and 10x), glass designs and qhd .apple iPhone SE 2020s you want to buy an iPhone but want one The super cheap machine, iPhone SE 2020 may be enough for you to respond to you, not necessarily buy the latest iPhone 13 mini.iphone SE 2020 only cost 10
5 million, one of the cheapest iPhone now on. The parameter is also not so much with the BIONIC A13 processor, IP67 water / dust resistance and wireless charger. However, when you choose this machine, you will have to accept sacrifice the features of iPhone 12 and 13 Like many rear cameras, 5g, higher scan / resolution screen / large-frequency scanning, bigger batteries and new designs. OnePlus 9 ONEPUS 9 can be said to be one of the machines that bring smoothness and original Of the most Android on the market. Not to mention, the machine also owns quality cameras thanks to the optimization from Hasselblad.Hain 2 models OnePlus 9 are equipped with 65W wired charging, Snapdragon 888 SOC chip, 48MP main camera and a super wide 50MP.OnePlus 9 Pro project More with OLED QHD screen, IP68 water / dust-proof standard, 50W wireless charger and 8MP 3.3x Tele Camera. Meanwhile, OnePlus 9 has a FHD OLED platform, wireless charging slower as well as no telephets. The update time is equivalent to the Galaxy S21 series
The price of OnePlus 9 Pro is about VND 19 million.Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3 Foldable phone songs are more attractive while Apple doesn't have a folding iPhone. And mentioning the folding phone, perhaps Samsung is the biggest name and equivalent to the iPhone 13 series, we have the Galaxy Z flip3.galaxy z flip3 model using the shell shell design with the classic phones like Motorola Razr V3. Opening the device is a large size screen and when closed into a very compact machine with external extra screen to display fast information. Galaxy Z Flip3 has a top-like configuration, water-proof design and 12MP dual camera behind. The only unique point of the machine is about 25 million yet commensurate with camera quality as well as small battery only 3,300mAh .Sony Xperia 1 IIISony Xperia 1 III is its latest flagship with the leading equipment such as Snapdragon 888, Battery 4.500mAh, fast charging 30W, ... One of the things that make Sony's name is still OLED 6, 5 inch 4K, 120Hz scanning frequency, one looks the most quality screens, ensuring enough resolution, color and scanning frequency. The machine also has a telephet can zoom 3x or 4.4x. But when choosing Xperia 1 III means that you have to understand the beauty of a machine from Sony is not only factors such as camera quality can be friends Frustrated. Google Pixel 6 If you want a Google original machine, you can wait for Google Pixel 6 to sell. Although the machine has been introduced, it must be sold in the fall. Google Pixel 6 is a commitment to long-term use and fastest software updates.OGOGLE PIXEL 6 uses Tensor chips developed by Google itself, high-frequency OLED platform. The Pro version differs from the standard 6 pixels thanks to 3 cameras instead of the rear dual camera system with the addition of Tele 4x camera, 120Hz QHD screen instead of FHD 90Hz screen and larger battery.

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