Top Destinations In Alexandria

Alexandria is like a brilliant jewel of the Mediterranean with so many interesting tourist attractions.Bibliotheca AlexandrinabiiTheca Alexandrina is a library and a large cultural center located on the Mediterranean coast. This great library was built to honor memories of Alexandria's original library, which was destroyed more than a thousand years ago. The library was inaugurated in 2002, this building also included 4 museums, 4 art galleries and a palace. Alexandria National Museum is a required stop if you want to learn style Phu of this famous city

. There are full collections from the Pharaon era to the Yangzhou Greek, the Byzantine and Islamic period ..
Fort Qait Bay set along the Corniche road, you'll go to Fort Qaitbey. The fortress is an important defendance of Egypt but also of both the Mediterranean Strait from the XV. Qait Bay was reconstructed in 2001 - 2002; Inside with the Naval Museum - Displaying many antiques of Roman wars and Napoleon.Qait Bay is located in the east side of Pharos, right away of Alexandria Lighthouse (one of 7 periods Overview of the ancient world). Abu El Abbas El Mursi is a large and most important architectural project of Muslims in Alexandria, built in 1775. The cathedral is 3,000m2 with 2 main gate opposite Square school. The steps in each gate are built with granite. The main part of the octagonal cathedral, every 22m long edge. White marble flooring, 23m high walls of artificial stone. The ceiling is decorated with Arabic words that are 16 octagonal stone columns to support
The cathedral is the place where the sacred rituals of Muslims. A Pompey head is a polished red granite block with a diameter of 2.7m under his feet and strokes pointing to the top of 2.4m, 30m high Brackets with a volume of 132m3, weighs approximately 396 tons. Initially, Pompey is part of the column range of Serapeum temple. Through many events, the temple is no longer available, only the pillar remains. Pompey pillars on Alexandria's neck guards are traces of one of the few works since the ancient times of the world still exist today.

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