Top Of The Secret Phenomenon Without A Solution Of All Humanity

People answered countless the mystery thanks to scientific advances, but the mysterious events below are exceptions, causing many people to believe in mysterious things. Mysterious "footprint Devil "happened in East Devon, England in February 1855. After severe snow, people discovered the footprints printed on the white snow background. These mysterious footprints appear on a long straight line and follow a single direction. This mysterious leg appears in many places from the roof, water pipes, walls to the pile of dry straw

. Some footprints stop in the wilderness and disappear mysteriously. Many people speculate the strange footprints are of the devils. Every 5-12-1945, all 5 naval bombers flying from Florida but suddenly "evaporate" with 14 thick pilots Test
From here the legend of the Devil's triangle Bermuda began. In centers, the Bermuda Devil Triangle - Atlantic Ocean area connects Bermuda, Florida and Puerto Rico - which means amazing missing. Here, nearly 100 vessels and aircraft have disappeared mysteriously not explain. Five 1492, explorer Christopher Columbus once wrote that the compass measurement suddenly suddenly when the ship arrived near the area. A hypothesis assumes that the area close to the earth's negative tract of the earth should deflect the compass in 1959, 9 young students going to ski during the holiday in the Ural Mountains, Russia met the mysterious accident, one go without returning about. This group of 9 students left their tents at midnight but didn't go all, shoes or warm clothes. They went out to walk in cold weather. The victims were found to have mysterious injuries like someone who was broken, who lost his tongue, who was buried in the white snow ..
the ear This catastrophic survey has made investigators to trace clues but now have not found the cause of the incident. It is missing more than 100 years ago, SS Waratah is still one of the largest maritime mysteries All Time. In July 1909, the steamboat carrying passengers departing to Cape Town but only after 1 day had disappeared without traces. With a weight of nearly 10,000 tons, the 152m ss waratah ship is 152m long, then carrying 211 people and for At this time, it has not found its ruins of the ship or its bad passengers. The missing of MH 370 aircraft (Airlines Malaysia Airlines) is similar. The plane disappeared on March 8, 2014, on the journey from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing, on 239 people. A large search happened across the Indian Ocean and the South China Sea. It was forever until 2015, its first debris drifted into the coast of Réunion, in the Indian Ocean. Nobody knows the accident due to machine or pilot errors deliberately dropping aircraft. In 1955, the people of Kentucky, America fluttered with aliens visiting the Kelly-Hopkinsville region. Many witnesses including state police, local police have reported to authorities to see aliens. According to the witnesses of witnesses, aliens are 0.9m high, ejoin , Long nails, legs and thin hands. These non-earth animals are silver. Although do not step inside the house, aliens appear in the window and doors that make the inside people panic. The residents of St. Louis in Saskatchewan, Canada, said that although the ship near the village was lifted many years ago, they continued to see the mysterious light floating on the old rails, as if a ghost train was running over . Mary Celeste is still a challenge for historians as one of the largest maritime mysteries. The ship departed from New York City in November 191872 but only over a week later, it was abandoned and drifted on the Atlantic Ocean in completely intact and full of goods. : 7 Mysterious natural phenomena that causes the most curious. Source: Neews. Dung Dung (T.H)

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