Top Story To Find Oil And Gas (last Term)

After the liberation date of the South, in October 1975, the 22nd Delegation was established, there was a duty to seek the Mekong Delta Petroleum.0: 00/10: 43 southern southern region with geophysics Farmers of the Red River Dog, Geological Federation 36 Determination of deep drilling wells seeking 110 in black alcohol areas. Mr. Phan Minh Bich at that time was the Vice Union in charge of our survey. In the delegation, there were 5 Soviet experts in charge of Scorduli's head of Scorduli

. The survey team stemmed from Xuan Thuy base, walking on a large canoe. After a round of survey around the Black Alo island with a length of about 10 km, a width of 500 - 700m, we have to walk on the island to survey. Because Cano did not reach the shore, we joined the expert with a motorboat, and Cano waited at the beland
Going for a while, the motorboat was broken, fixed forever, Mr. Scorduli jumped into the sea to pull the boat, we followed. I was on the shore, pulling the shore, pulling the boat on the sandy beach. Nearly 2 hours we walked from the position where the well is placed in the middle of the island to the island in Ba Lat door. At the place of evening, it was not possible to see canoes, waiting until evening didn't see a steam. There are no communication talks, in every way of turning out, turning on the fire as a signal no one welcomes us. The delegation returned to the position of a temporary vacation well at the shin of the protected workers. Fasting and hungry and hungry days, I asked the guardian to see if anything was to eat, it was answered only little rice and salt. It's hard to think, don't know if Soviet experts have eaten, but in the years of life and study in the Soviet Union I understand the casual Russians and withstand hardship. I borrowed the white porridge cooking pot and invited the comrades to eat to wait until morning
Unexpectedly you eat very delicious like eating "stone germs" and sitting sleeping a sleep until the next morning. When we return to the meeting place, we are happy to see the Canoe waiting. On the board, Mr. Phan Minh Bich and the search team were all happy to welcome us. I recalled that last night was a worried night of the orchings on Cano, all night for the ship to search many times Around the island without finding us, Dinh Ninh is missing. Mr. Bich issued a newspaper to the Federation, the Federation of Report on the Hanoi Geological Department and the Ministry of Public Security on this event. Border guards are ordered by all ways to find our team, determined that there must be due to the "enemy kidnapped", or if died, it must "find the body". We don't expect such serious incident! Through this, there is a great interest of the state to the oil and gas career, protecting people, especially for Soviet experts to help us start the petroleum search work in Vietnam. HongCu Long day after the liberation day of the South, October / 1975 Union 22 was established, was responsible for finding oil and gas in the Mekong Delta. I was assigned by the General Department of Gas and Gas Department to deploy the job. The headquarters set in Vinh Long, after moving to Can Tho. He had to hire French seismic vessels of two Gemeaux bodies of France to survey shallow sea seismic and all deltas. The deepest anniversary is March 26, 1976 ships off to explode first, on seismic routes 04 Links Structure of Bach Tiger with the Plain. Early morning dreams, sky silent sea, technical trains, editor of logistics, naval vessels leading and protecting solid dragons coming from Saigon port to the sea. Too lunch came to the Tiger's coordinates, the guns started to explode first. Work is almost smooth. Silent sea, flat water like in the lake. But the French captain announced with Truong Minh delegation to be careful, it was an upcoming phenomenon. Indeed on the afternoon suddenly dark clouds came. The wind jerks, the rain is full of sky. Sea screams, big waves covering the deck. Gemeaux does not counter the floating governor, afraid of breaking the ship. The artillery written in German, shooting red emergency red into a peaceful blue, then white is uninjured! The captain kept his chong, the more drunk. Finally fired the red artillery, the Navy could not come to save. The train must run around cutting across the wave to avoid, otherwise if the train along the wave will be flipped and sunk immediately. People are drunk soft, vomiting with green gallery. At that time, Mr. Nguyen Dan did the captain was drunk, Mr. Do Chi Hieu was more drunk, the longer stomach ache, what drugs didn't touch, ask for help. The delegation was less drunk, holding a radiologist around to contact the Navy to seek to cure, but it was not possible. The deputy department also broke the anchor drift toward Phu Quy Island, could not contact. If not returning to the emergency land will be extremely dangerous. This is difficult to calculate carefully. If the West ordered, Western Resistant. If we order, we have to pay 35 thousand frances for every day waiting at the wharf, suffered during the poor country. Wondering forever, finally consulting brothers, I decided to order the ship to Vung Tau port. Thought that everything of cool rows was suddenly encountered when the ship arrived in Zero buoys, border guards because foreign ships did not plug

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