Top The Most Popular Photography Destinations In Vietnam

Nearly 30,000 visitors in 28 countries and territories shared their evaluation of the most popular destinations in Vietnam for the 'hunting photo.' Among them, Hoi An and Sapa Stand Top Head 9: 00/2: 08 NamesPa domains with terraced fields squeezed across the mountain and the sky is the destination for the most international and domestic tourists to " Hunting photos. " (Photo: Mai Mai / Vietnam) According to the assessment of global tourists, the top 3 destinations of the most popular photography in Vietnam include: Hoi An ancient town with houses in ancient style painted gold, Sapa With the die of terraced fields across the mountain rib and the romantic and final streams, the old town is still bustling and still bold the capital of the capital of thousands of years. This is a new result An announced on August 19, surveying international visitors who love photography

. Earth upwards, international tourists also fascinate with the endless coastline of Vietnam with countless pristine beaches, these The village is low on the mountain slopes when they evaluate the destinations of Ha Long, Da Lat, Ninh Binh, Da Nang and Mui Ne in the top 10 most amazing destinations in Vietnam. Ho Chi Minh City is Hue is also two colors that are favorite by the world-like world photographers. Vietnam is a country with many new and majestic scenes that have been hearting about many domestic and international visitors
. Steps to explore destinations throughout the S-shaped land, not only to experience indigenous culture, local cuisine, UNESCO recognized legacy ... Guests can also pursue a passion for photography from points Arrival uniquely. There is also a review with four-way friends, domestic tourists also evaluate Hoi An as the number one destination for taking photos, ranked later is Sapa. Nature color Da Lat. (Photo: Mai Mai / Vietnam) While some people choose urban context to "hunting photos" like Hanoi or Ho Chi Minh City, others are inspired by natural scenes. , Ninh Binh with limestone mountains and winding rivers; Da Nang, Hue with beautiful beaches and dreams; Dalat and Sapa hills and hills and hills and patches of vast greens in Tam Dao give visitors with new experiences with countless opportunities for the ideal opportunity to capture the unique moments. To get this result, Booking
com Based on the evaluation of nearly 30,000 visitors in 28 countries and territories shared the most favorite destinations in Vietnam for the "hunting photo." The survey was conducted with the pattern of adults who went on work or tourism in the past 12 months and must have a plan to travel in the next 12 months (when traffic restrictions prevent Covid-19 unloaded). /.M.mai (Vietnam)

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