Touched In Front Of A Woman Cooked 800 Rice Rates Every Day

Crying into a wild hospital to cook for patients F0, Ms. Cam Van makes the audience to stand up when devoting all the bonuses to continue to save people, do good. In the three contestants participating in the program First, every person brings a very touching story. If Ms. Dang Thi Nhu Y, MC MC Rights Linh must cry on stage when telling the story of a patient F0 that he wholeheartedly care was suddenly out

. When directly collecting the station of F0 patients died for Covid-19, Ms. Nguyen Thi Cam Van brought thousands of poor workers, older anchors for 0 copper rice in a pandemic season. Ms
Cam Van, her heavenly mobile charity kitchen was opened from before the whole country faced Covid-19. Besides, after nearly three years she gave a loving house and fixed 10 houses for poor relatives. Nguyen Thi Cam Van. Photo: Beegiao Save with MC Quyen Linh on the stage of singing for tomorrow, Ms. Cam Van said now she and his teammates cooking over 800 meals every day to send patients at the pale hospitals. "When translating I dare not dare to cook rice to play in your kitchen because of fear of cross-infection for everyone but to the quarantine to cook. Besides, I also supported food for people isolated at home, "she added. There are a lot of sad memorial songs of musicians To Thanh Son, Ms. Cam Van does not hide anxiety and retreat Box right in his voice. Realizing that, singer Cam Ly in the judge area was enthusiastic to help her create an extremely cute moment
End of the performance, MC Quyen Linh said: "Why do I Run too? Saying that trembling ". Quynh Hoa reunion also spoke:" Cam Van has just came out to saw cute from the first sight. A person in charge of charity kitchen that looks so cute look like this is to know that she cooks delicious it ". Fortunately, it was a golden mic worth 40 million VND, causing the audience to break the audience. At the same time as tomorrow, Ms. Cam Van called off with his sister-in-law. I was treating cancer in the disease Institute. Through the call, the audience easily knew Ms. Cam Van's sister-in-law was quite heavy, at that moment waiting to get a lung doctor and checked blood. Calling his bride's underworld. Treatment of cancer in hospitals. Cam Van speaks over the phone with sister-in-law: "I dedicated sisters 30 million to cure, and 10 million I retain to follow the kitchen". When you know your decision The audience is extremely moving and remodeled in front of the chef's heart. Judge. The market for tomorrow was broadcast at 19:30, the Sunday every week on HTV7 channel.

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