Touching Moments Meet Short After Many Days Away From Girls And Parents In The Epidemic

Although it only stood from a distance but the girl didn't cry and showed her happily, dancing like to motivate her mother's mother.02: 00/1: 32 namkhi Disease situation is still stress and complex The jump, the doctor, the officer of the head and the translation of the epidemic on the big shore. The dates doing tired duty while the few family members are only in minutes. Sometimes the meeting is just standing to look at each other remotely in a short moment. Dynamic moment of meeting in a moment after many days of girls and parents in the first linear, on social networks The clip appears to record a meeting of a girl with her parents who are the epidemic ends of the epidemic of "storms" social networks

.00: 00/00: 11bé chicken (intimate name at home) has dad Original cadres in quarantine are far away from home since Ho Chi Minh City outbreaks. Baby's mother in the unit of supporting people in the past few months. Both are officials and civil servants in the police force, the military
Do the newspaper agency has a suspect of Covid-19, so his mother hurriedly returned to clean it to go isolation. Baby's three enlisted from the closech to meet me. Three moms in front of the door, the chicken was excited, innocently dancing happily like to encourage the parent spirit. This was back and posted it online and posted on the social network. Bé girl happily danced when she saw the parents in front of the door to meet a lot of people without feeling to feel and sore. The online community sent a comment to the baby and her parents, hoping the family soon reunite. "The daughter is too good. The whole house keeps her health to celebrate the day of reunion" "The girl is great! Wish the mother's mother Always feel good to go to me ".

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