On August 6, receiving information in Hanoi city will extend the extra time for another 2 weeks to prevent and control Covid-19, Ms. Hang in Kham Thien Street (Dong Da District) extremely worried, because The disease is still complicated, because the trade stops stall. I was thinking, she was startled because the phone bell rang out. Looking at the screen, it was a call from the owner who made her worry about: - Hang, I'm still fine? Uncle calls to tell me to rest assured sales in accordance with the regulations on prevention and control. The time I have to close the restaurant will reduce the rent for

. If you have to spreading a way, you continue to support your rent so I rest assured. - I'm fine. He made me happy because she was worried about to send a house
Thank you for helping you. If you keep your healthy - you have a touch of the story with the construction with the built, Ms. Hang said that no matter how much it will be reduced, the phone has made her cool and low pressure force. The sharing and symposian's sharing helps her to have more belief that kindness, the spirit of relatives, mutual affection is still spreading in the community. Builders

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