Tourist Attractions In Can Gio Island District Began To Welcome Guests

Tourist destinations such as Vam To Tourist Area, the tourist area gradually built, monkey island ... in Can Gio District (Ho Chi Minh City) welcomed the first delegation on September 19, September 19, Nhan Tablets at Vam Sat Ecotourism Area in the sub-area 15A (Ly Nhon commune, Can Gio district) urgently trimming grass, cleaning cleaning to prepare to welcome the first delegation. This delegation is the first level forces to participate in anti-epidemic, by Ho Chi Minh City Department of Tourism in collaboration with Can Gio District People's Committee and Saigon Tourism Corporation organized

. Monkey Island Resort in the reserve area Can Gio Mangrove Book, the preparation of the first delegation has been completed. In the time of stopping operations, the monkey flock More than 2,000 here is still carefully cared by the staff, fully feeding with 70 kg of rice Cooked every day. This monkey herd is a tourist attraction to the resort
The visitors can see the monkeys living in the wild natural environment that are not urged and limited as in the zoo. Full of tourism activities, employees at all stages ensure 2 vaccine nose injections and have negative test results with SARS-COV-2.Thi Virus September 19, the first tourist delegation Going to visit the crocodile area of Vam Duong eco-tourism area after 3 months to close. This is an elevated tour in the component of the participating component including representatives of doctors who are anti-epidemic in Ho Chi Minh City. Photo: TCDL. The program is organized and returned during the day in a closed form with outdoor destinations, separate from residential areas and in the "green region" area that basically controls Covid- 19. Vam Vam Ecotourism Area, the first tourist delegation also visited points dubbed Ho Chi Minh City's green lungs as a revolutionary base of Sac Forest War, the tourist area gradually built to find Understand the natural landscape of mangrove forest with a diverse and unique ecosystem. Photo: TCDL. From September 16 to September 30, Can Gio district reopened many tourist attractions, historical relics. People in Ho Chi Minh City can register to follow the tour if there is a green card with a vaccine and ensure 5k
Vam Vam Vam Travel, Monkey Island in Can Gio is ready to welcome many attractions in Can Gio district, Ho Chi Minh City Complete the preparation work to get ready to welcome guests during the relaxation time from 16-30 / 9.

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