Towards Tet Vu Lan: Why Is The Name Of Hibiscus?

The flower named Hibiscus is the Chinese session - Viet Pham is Jambu / Jum Bu, so is Pali: Jum Bu. When indicating the land with Jum Bu, people turned into Jam Bu - DVIPA (Pham), Jam Bu- Dipa (Pa Li) .0: 00/6: 10 namhoa domain named Hibiscus is Han - VietLai This flower is capital in India, according to Northern Buddhism but spread. The ancient Chinese has a lot of ways to call the name of this flower. The words with the word "receptor" attached to the fixed coupling from the species

. Here we see syllables JAM / JUM transformed into matches, Diem, Thiem, infection, potential. Tody bu or bu-d (reading sound in from Jambu - DVIPA) is transformed into the sound, potty, tissue. Its science name is Eugenia Jampulana
-Partial transcription part of the translation: For example, Buddha Tang, Phu Tang ... Here, people use edema or Buddha to phonograms or bu-d, while the Chinese characters are strawberry species. Close / careful. Magic word means tree. Chu word means red. Reliated / carefully is to refer to a corresponding flower in China. The dictionary of the dialogue translated the flowers on here to Vietnamese is Hibiscus. In the Buddha Quang Dai dictionary, the items related to the species This hibiscus we see: -The match writing: "Pham: Jambu-Dvipa, Pali: Jambu-dipa
Also call match matches. Bodhi, match matches BA, Diem Phu, Pham: Jambu is the tree name; Title, Pham: DVIPA, is Chau. Translation of both Pham Han is called Dich Phu Chau, Thoi Chau, Thiem Phu Chau. This is a matching match in Four Southeast Asia in the four DA Di, so it is also called Magic Magic ... ".- Item matching Kim Writing:" Pham: Jambunada-Suvarna. Italy says the type of gold produced slowly the Na Multi River (Nada, herd) flows through the match of matches (Jambu) ... ". - Special items matched match written:" matches, breaks; Pali: Jumbu is also called Them, Them, Theming ..., calling matching matches. Scientific name is Eugenia Jambulana. Type of tall tree falls. Capital born in India, blooming, fruiting around April, May, bold purple fruits, slightly sour taste, can be used as medicine ... ". In Vietnamese to indicate this type of words like: Hibiscus, hibiscus, hibiscus, bobbing, bups, strawberries, hibiscus ... which must say names of hibiscus is more popular. Also so it is the origin of comments on this flower name. Dictionary such as Vietnamese dictionaries of Tien Duc opening group, Vietnamese Han dictionary, Vietnamese dictionary commonly selected to choose from neg nghiep is also recorded by many people, mainly to avoid capital prince Meaning badly, do not fit the Buddha's house, with Buddha. But when pronounced, the Northern people generally still called hibiscus. Burmen or bobbigs were mainly spoken from Nghe Tinh to the south. Cotton means flowers in the word "flower". This hibiscus word has been dictionary in Southern Dictionary such as Viet Phap Dictionary of Truong Vinh Vinh Vinh, Dai Nam's spectacle of Huinh - Tinh Paulus of recognition (Cotton section). Buffer or bups are words local. Less popular. The strawberries should be taking strawberry with branches that are quite similar to hibiscus to call, avoiding the word "prostitutes" and may also be someone who has shifted from the two words of Han - Viet (Buddha = Buddha, Tang = Strawberry). Less common. Buddhist offsman is quite close to hibiscus but in phonetics difficult to convert. Besides, it is only a personal opinion of the individual in the discussion, but the rusty is not used. See the flowers are extracted above, we see that the capital of Jambu, Jambu, Jambu-Dvia, meaning Its nothing does nothing directly to the Buddha. So why does it mean Buddha's meaning, the first, the first, Han Ancient has used the sound "edema" to neglect the Buddha's name: Buddha in the Phrase and Pali has been a session of the words as Phu Da, Phu Goods, head ... before the session is Buddha, Buddha Da. Powerful impression of Buddha, About Buddhism has caused people to match the sound in matches with Buddha symbols. Secondly, this flower species originated from the match, one of India's four ethnic areas around the mountain of Tu Di, so it was impressive. So from there, we see the transition confirming its semantics from the funeral to the Buddha (Buddha strawberries). At this time, the meaning of the Buddha's house, the Buddha has completely assigned. The Buddhist of Vietnamese is also an ancient Chinese language of Buddha, so the meaning of this flower is associated with the Buddha's house. Natural. But now watching us see between jam / jum => premium, between Bu / Bu-d => Buddha, it is more phonetic closer than the way to read the Han -Read before. It is probably a plot in Han-Vietnamese with ancient pronunciation. In short, we have a way of translation from Pham Sang Viet Trung Dai: Jambu / Jambu-D => Hibiscus. Although it is called hibiscus but the word "prostitutes" does not carry hope, the word "Buddha" capital Nor does it mean to come here, I remember the poem of my son Nguyen Trai in the Moc Mon flower section: Moc Mon (Hibiscus) Luster in a flower in a pink pink, it was a morning. Strange sheds for excellent dry

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