Town Secretary In Binh Duong Died In The Car

After many communications with the town's secretary in Binh Duong unsuccessed, relatives and colleagues agencies to find, discovering he died in the car.02: 00/1: 36 South Vietnam, September 14, police Ben Cat town is in collaboration with the professional units of the police of Binh Duong province to examine the scene, investigate the cause of the case of secretary of Lai Uyen town (Bau Bang district) abnormal death in the car. The school happened that the case was Mr. Le Nguyen Vu (SN 1976), Secretary and Chairman of the People's Council of Town Lai Uyen, Bau Bang District, Binh Duong Province.Theo original information, evening on September 13, he Dance from the agency on the town of Ben Cat Town takes personal belongings to return to work

. However, this morning the houseman could not contact him. Unusual, family members and colleagues followed Mr. Vu's car, saw the car stopping at a route in My Phuoc Industrial Park (Thoi Hoa Ward, Ben Cat town)
After many times doing the door cannot, some people beat the glass door open the door, I discover Mr. Vu died in the driver's seat. The job was later informed for the muscle. Functional officials to organize a scene examination, investigate the cause. Change with PV this afternoon, the leaders of Bau Bang District Party Committee confirmed Mr. Vu Death. However, it is unclear the cause of the incident due to the police agency investigating. The District of Bau Bang District Party Committee said that before the incident occurred, Mr. Vu still worked normally, there was no sign of unusual about Health. According to the district leader, Mr
Vu is the party secretary of the town of Lai Uyen town, and the Chairman of the People's Council of People's Council. He is also the head of the Steering Committee for the prevention and control of the town of Covid-19 of the town. After the incident, Bau Bang district has arranged another leader of Lai Uyen town as the Head of the Steering Committee for Translation Covid-19 disease instead of Mr. Vu.xuan An

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