Toyota Camry Entered The Us To Run 9 Years, Sell Nearly 1 Billion Dong In Hanoi

After nearly 10 years of use, the 2012 Toyota Camry sedan car entrusted rare US goods to be offered to VND 950 million. With this selling price, it's above the level of 'beating the box' a new Mazda6 2.0.Theo information for sale, the Toyota Camry will be in 2012, in the 7th generation Camry, importing America, rolling 54,000 miles (approx 86,000 km). The car is being offered with the price of "wedding challenge" of VND 950 million

. In this price range, the buyer can completely "beat the box" a Mazda6 version 2.0L Premium is priced at VND 949 million. Even, in the price of Toyota Camry Se 2012, about 950 million VND, the buyer complete All new generation Camry, version 2
0 g (Thai) with a fluctuation price in the range of 950 - 980 million VND sold in the market. At the time of 2012, a Camry Se after tax price Not below 1.7 billion dong, about $ 85,000 at that time. Expensively 500 million dong compared to genuine Camry at that time (from 999 million - 1,292 billion dong). Therefore, after nearly 10 years of rolling, the Camry entered the US still "priced" than the genuine imported car. Because of the high price, the Camry se entered this US will definitely not match the majority of Vietnam, so far, the Toyota Camry car entered the US always has a separate attraction for a small group of customers. In the Camry Se version, the car carries a sports design. Exterior Se version This lifetime stands out with the front bumper design three seamless hitches. Total D class sedan accompanied by "Seamless foot" fitting with 17-inch wheels, the suspension of this version is adjusted Sports direction is harder with stiffer springs and more sturdy shock absorbers, this "sacrifices" go a bit of comfort compared to versions like Le. In addition, the electrical power steering wheel (EPS) of the SE version has a new assistant rate to bring a more sporty feeling than the Le and Xle version
The Toyota Camry Se in the article Using 4Cyl Dung motor Exhaust 2.5L, suck naturally natural gas. Give a maximum capacity of 178 hp in the rings of 6,000 rpm. The power is transmitted to the previous bridge (FWD) through a 6-speed automatic transmission. 2.5L engine is the popular Camry engine configuration in Vietnam in Vietnam, because small capacity is less "burdened" than the V6 3.5L engine for capacity of 268 horsepower. Camry will be equipped 6.1 inch recreational integrated reversing camera, comes with and 6 speakers. Ultrasuede fabric leather seats with highlights. Leather-wrapped steering wheel, integrated digital switch, audio and Bluetooth control button. Car comes with multiple "toys" such as electrical driving chairs, automatic air conditioning, sunroofs. These are pretty "genuine" equipment compared to genuine distribution vehicles with the same life. Safety and driving support, Camry SE 2012 imported US safely equipped with high safety "American standards" with 10 airbags. Besides other equipment such as vehicle stability control (VSC), traction control (trac), anti-lock braking (ABS), electronic brake force allocation (EBD), tire pressure monitoring system ELECTRONICS. Leave, the majority will definitely shake your head while looking at the selling price of the Camry in 2012 and go find other models of high life and more reasonable prices. Samples, Camry Se or Camry Using usually still has a separate attraction for a group of customers who love Toyota cars in the US, because the advantages are like many equipment, beautiful designs are less "touched", quality and pepper Higher safety standards are genuine imported cars.Video: Review Toyota Camry Le 2009 in Vietnam. Nguyen Bac

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