Toyota Corolla Cross 2022 Launches, Equipped And Safe ‘genuine Oyster’

Unable to wait for European consumers, Toyota Corolla Cross 2022 for this market is better equipped than the car elsewhere .Toyota Corolla Cross is the first SUV model for the first time in the month 7 years last year. After more than 1 year, this model was officially presented in the European market. Unable to wait for European consumers, the new Toyota Corolla Cross 2022 for this market is better equipped than the car elsewhere. Outside, Toyota Corolla Cross 2022 SUV model owns exterior design As a combination of vehicles in Vietnam and Japan

. Accordingly, the car is also equipped with a large size grille with silver and black borders around. Below is a fairly wide central wind cavity, integrating 2 round small fog lights. In addition, the central wind socket is also surrounded by thick black braces, helping to separate this detail and grille
These details are nothing different from the car in Vietnam. However, Toyota Corolla Cross 2022 in Europe uses a car headlights for Japanese and Frontlander to launch the Chinese market. Specifically, this headlight cluster is divided with a daily positioning LED strip. The upper floor will be LED-shaped indicator light while the main headlight is located downstairs. In the bottom of the Toyota Corolla Corolla Cross 2022 in Europe, there is nothing different from the car in Vietnam. Including la-zang rims or taillights. Stepping inside the Toyota Corolla Cross 2022 for Europe, users will continue to catch different equipment compared to other markets in the market. Dedicated to the European market. Therefore, the car comes with a full digital clock table with a 12.3-inch screen after the steering wheel instead of a 4
2-inch or 7-inch TFT color screen like a car in Vietnam. Next is the information screen Entertainment touches with a new size of 10.25 inches, supporting wireless connectivity with smartphones via Apple Carplay and Android Auto. Meanwhile, the car in Vietnam is only equipped with a 7-inch or 9-inch touch screen, depending on the version. On Corolla Cross 2022 in Europe, the central screen will run with a completely new operating system of Toyota, so there is a cloud-based navigation system and supports software updates via Wi-Fi. These are the features that are not available on the Toyota Corolla Cross in other markets. The whole system of Toyota Corolla Cross 2022 in Europe also has a difference. Located below the bonnet of this size B SUV model is the 5th generation hybrid transmission system, including 4-cylinder gasoline, 2.0L capacity, creating a maximum capacity of 176 horsepower and torque Maximum twist 202 nm. At Toyota Corolla Cross 2022 FWD pre-driving version, this engine combines with a powerful electric motor 113 horsepower and 206 nm as well as lithium-ion battery cluster 4.08 ah.Aut, Toyota Corolla Cross 2022 session FWD owns a capacity of 197 horsepower. Meanwhile, the AWD full-time 4-wheel drive version of this s size SUV model uses the same gasoline engine as above but with a maximum capacity of 152 hp and maximum torque of 190 nm. However, this version has additional electric mottles on the rear bridge with a maximum capacity of 41 horsepower and maximum torque 84 nm. Although in any version, the car can also accelerate from 0-100 km / h for 8.1 seconds. In the meantime, the car in Vietnam uses hybrid transmission system with 4-cylinder gasoline, capacity 1.8L, creating a total capacity of 150 horsepower. In addition, cars in Vietnam are only equipped with the previous bridges. On safety, Toyota Corolla Cross 2022 in Europe has a new T-Mate system. This is a system that gathers all Toyota's active safety features. In other words, T-Mate is a combination of Toyota Safe Sense secure safety technology package and a number of new features. Auxiliary collision with media cutting at the intersection. Next is a media detection feature that is coming to upgrade and support turning at the intersection. Finally is an automatic headlights, 360-degree cameras and cross-sectional vehicle warning when reversing, automatic brake integration. It is expected that Toyota Corolla Cross 2022 will be officially assigned to European customers in the fall of the following year. The price of Toyota Corolla Cross 2022 in this market has not been revealed.Video: Introducing Toyota Corolla Cross 2022 new.Nguyen Chung

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