Toyota Corolla Cross Limited Launches In Thailand

Toyota Corolla Cross Modellista is limited to 250 pieces with a sporty-style exterior package.Toyota Thailand has introduced the special version of Corolla Cross with the name Modellista. Japanese automaker said there will be 250 Toyota Corolla Cross Modellista manufactured with sport-style exterior decoration kits. Customers can order Corolla Cross Modellista for 1.8 Hybrid Premium or 1

.8 Hybrid Premium version Safety. The proposed price for 2 models is 1,130,500 baht and 1,240,500 baht, equivalent to 34,500 USD and 37,860 USD. The rival of Kia Seltos and Mazda CX-30 are more eye-catching with decorative details new
The first and tail section looks more pit when it is added to the sports clearance. Left, lights and led taillights on urban SUVs Keep the familiar slender designs. Besides the side of the side cladding, the 18-inch 18-inch tray set of Toyota Corolla Cross Modellista has a propeller design to help the overall model SUV looks more eye-catching. Compared to the regular version, Corolla Cross with the modellista kit is higher than 41,500 Baht, about 1,260 USD. In the car, Toyota Corolla Cross special in Thailand has no changes or upgrades about design, page Being developed from 2 most premium 1.8 hybrid models, Corolla Cross Modellista with leather-coated seats, electrical windows, automatic air conditioners, automatic rearview mirrors ... Entertainment systems The vehicle includes a 9-inch touch screen, supporting Apple Carplay interface, USB / Bluetooth connection and 6 audio speakers. The power level for Toyota Corolla Cross Modellista is a hybrid engine, including 1
8L gasoline and dynamic Electrical engineering, producing a total capacity of about 120 horsepower. The car has a stepless gearbox e-CVT and the previous bridge drive system. Safety features in the TSS package include active cruise control, warning and limited front collision, blind spot warning, Support lanes, lane deviation warning, adaptive headlights ... Hoang Pham Street: Toyota

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