Toyota Fortuner Gr Sport Is About To Debut?

The original Toyota Fortuner GR Sport was encountered to run the test in Thailand.0: 00/1: 47 men, we have seen a number of Toyota's GR Sport versions, from Corolla, Hilux, Land Cruiser and even Vios. It seems that Japanese automobile manufacturers want to create a Sport version for all products. If this promotes sales, there is no reason not to do. Currently, we are likely to see a Fortuner version of GR SPORT in a near future

. Recently, a Fortuner with a closed camouflage layer has been discovered in Thailand and it seems that the upcoming GR-S version.Toyota Fortuner GR Sport is about to appear? It's hard to discover Toyota Change what for the Fortuner GR SPORT but it seems that the 7-seat SUV will have a little difference. The camouflage shielded quite tight but apparently Fortuner GR SPORT prototype will have a low and larger winding slot than the standard version
However, the most remarkable sign shows that this can be a prototype Fortuner GR SPORT is Red paint brake clamps. Surlightly thoroughly on the photo of the prototype car can be hidden after the camouflage layer of the red-painted wheels.Toyota Fortuner GR sport runs in Thailand for the rest of the body, will not be surprised However, we see this special Fortuner comes with a different bodykit with black and red highlights throughout. A lot of people expect a new lattice and GR Sport alloy wheels. In the same time, the cabin can be covered with leather, the sport red accents, as well as the decals and GR Sport badges. SUV 7-seat Toyota Fortuner The GR SPORT models are usually upgraded to the appearance of the standard version, but the engine 2.8L and 2.4L Turbo-diesel will probably be maintained. If Toyota is really seriously trying Fortuner's GR Sport version, maybe we will not have to wait any longer for the official launch event. It is expected that the new model will be disclosed by the end of this year or in the first quarter of 2022
By Tu Vu, 13 minutes ago

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