Toyota Gr Cooperates With Lego Toy Model 1: 1

Recently, Toyota's Gazoo Racing has partnered with LEGO to bring a full size model of Gr Supra to celebrate the 35th anniversary of the sports car instance.02: 00/1: 35 south in 2 The first system of the car since 1978 to 1986 is named "Celica Supra", with the third generation, Toyota has nickname Celica and named Supra. LEGO SUPRA in the picture here is made up of words No less than 480,000 pieces and things that are not made of Denmark's toy on this car are wheels and tires, driving chairs, steering wheels and external logos. This is also an extremely detailed model, with headlights and daytime positioning lamps can illuminate. Furniture is almost completely made of Lego with the central control panel and even the passenger seat Made from plastic assemblies

. And the driver's seat, steering wheel and clock cluster are taken from real cars. This surprising thing is that this lego supra can operate by its own strength. You will not find the 6-cylinder motor of MK5 supra under the hood and instead, the Lego manufacturer has chosen healthy energy is a battery-powered electric motor
This is not the first time Lego Fit Assembling automotive models 1: 1, before that they also created full size models with other car manufacturers like McLaren, Lamborghini and Bugatti or even they worked with Toyota about tissue Picture Camry 1: 1.Like the previous model, the lego Gr supra with this real size is not to sell but Lego will provide a miniature speed Champions version of the same car for an easy price It is much more resistant to 20 USD./.ctv Hieu Nguyen / VOV.VN by Carscoops

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