Toyota Hilux Revo Gr Sport 615 Million Vnd, The Strongest Segment?

After being introduced by Toyota Thailand at the end of August 2021, the steering wheel in Thailand drove a new Hilux Revo GR SPORT 2.8L test for the results of faster acceleration than the old Revo Rocco version. Testing the ability to operate Toyota Hilux Revo GR SPORT 2022 Newly launched, the steering wheel of Thailand's headlightmag has tested the acceleration of the vehicle, specifically as follows: Acceleration 0-100 km / h (number d) : Radial 1. 10.12 seconds; 2,19 seconds; 3 times 3

.18 seconds; time 4.10.11 seconds
Number (d) Normally, Toyota Hilux Revo GR SPORT pickup is capable of accelerating from 0-100 km / h averaging 10.15 second; Acceleration 80 - 120 km / h (number d); Times 1.7.15 seconds; Times 2. 7.16 seconds; Times 3. 7.15 seconds; 4. 7.14 seconds time
At (d) Normally, Hilux Revo GR SPORT has the ability to accelerate from 80-120 km / h Average 7.15 seconds. Speed 80 - 120 km / h (S, Gearbox, Hand shift): Times 1. 6.85 seconds; 2,80 seconds; 3 times 6.86 seconds; 4.6.81 seconds time. In manual number (s), Hilux Revo GR SPORT has the ability to accelerate from 80-120 km / h Average 6.83 seconds. Maximum speed and rewinding at all levels (from 1 - 6) D mode: Number 1. 40 km / h at 4,200 round / minute; Number 2. 71 km / h at 4,000 rpm rings / minute; Number 3. 97 km / h at 3,900 rpm rings / minute; Number 4. 143 km / h at a round 3,750 rpm; Number 5. 191 km / h at 3,500 rpm rings / minute; Number 6. 195 km / h at Round 2,900 rpm. The maximum speed reaches 195 km / h Achieved at the Round of 2,900 rpm (at 6). The viewing speed on the clock compares with the measured speed on GPS: Speed on the clock 100 km / h - Measure by GPS 94.0 km / h; Speed on the clock 110 km / h - measured by GPS 104.0 km / h; Speed and rewrite when running at 5 and 6; 80 km / h at 1,350 rpm (number 5); 100 km / h at 1,450 rpm (number 5); 110 km / h at 1,650 rpm (number 6). The steering wheel operated the vehicle on the distance of 93.2 km - filling the vase (Caltex Diesel Power D in Thai). The car has a fuel consumption of about 6.8L with an average speed of 110 km / h, in full-air conditioning conditions and 2 people inside the vehicle. The average fuel consumption is measured at 13.7 km / liter of oil, equivalent to 7.3 l / 100 km. According to the test result, Hilux Revo GR SPORT 2.8L is likely to increase better than the version Hilux Revo Rocco 2.8L 2020 (It is 2.8L Adventure version sold in Vietnam). Specifically, the ability to accelerate from 0 to 100km / h reaches 10.15 seconds, faster than the old version (10.35 seconds). The ability to accelerate from 80 - 120km / h averages 7.18 and 8.83 seconds, faster than the old version (7.31 seconds). Besides better fuel economy, Specific Hilux Revo GR SPORT 2.8L can roll with 13.70km / 1 liter of oil, save more than 13.48km / liter of oil in Hilux Revo Rocco 2.8L 2020. About The ability to accelerate against the opponents, Toyota Hilux Revo GR SPORT 2.8L has a better acceleration of opponents such as Nissan Navara 2021 2.3L dual turbocharged oil and Mitsubishi TRITON machine 2.4L single pressure booster . Follow the test data from the Headlightmag page, when the test accelerates the models in the middle size pickup segment. Then "two brothers" ISUZU D-MAX and MAZDA BT-50 Oil machine version 3.0L (not for sale in Vietnam) for good acceleration and faster than Toyota Hilux Revo GR SPORT 2.8L. Combined with a 6-speed automatic transmission (6AT), accompanied by the shift behind the steering wheel (Paddle Shift). Besides powerful capacity (201 horsepower and 500nm torque), few people know that Toyota Hilux oil 2.8L also has good acceleration, high durability, besides the ability to cross outstanding terrain . On the reality, Hilux 2.8L high-end oil version in Vietnam or the old 3.0L version of the old life is usually the long-term off-road players experience more than the experiences more than America, inherent samples lead with the majority. In the Thai market, the price of Toyota Hilux Revo GR Sport (low): 889,000 Baht (about 615 million VND); Toyota Hilux Revo GR SPORT: 1,299,000 baht (about 899 million VND). Both versions use the 2.8L oil engine (1GD-FTV) Video: Gender Thie Toyota Hilux Revo GR SPORT 2022.

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