Toyota Innova ‘super-luxury Furniture’, Cost Only 140 Million Vnd

Model of MPV Toyota Innova is known to Vietnamese users with customers who are mainly service people who have been made into a car to a series of high-end equipment in the interior. In India called Reddy Customs has launched a merchant version of the Toyota Innova MPV model. Notably, the price provided by the unit for the entire car repair process stopped only 440,000 rupees (about VND 140 million). This is considered a very affordable amount to turn a common MPV model like Toyota Innova becomes luxurious and trade amenities. The first change of the Reddy Customs created on the super-luxury Toyota Innova Equipped with a partition between the front seats and the rear seats

. This will create the absolute separation for passengers. On this partition, the workshop also uses wood and leather-based cladding, combining 2 separate entertainment screens mounted on the wall. Next, the entire cabin space of Toyota Innova is tiled And leather wrap furniture details, creating a plush and beautiful feeling
The ceiling light system and surround speakers are arranged around the rear compartment, helping to bring relaxation to the employer. To meet the criteria of a merchant standard model, this Toyota Innova level is also indispensable 2 Chairs between independent format, 2-2-2 styled car configuration with a capacity of 6 people sitting. In particular, alone the blasting between the boss has full functions from the desk, reading lights, large reclining, the phone charging ports ... according to the REDDY CUSTOMS, they only intervene Upgrade furniture in the car and there are no tweaks of engine details, original suspension. Therefore, the price of this Toyota Innova car also stops at a very reasonable number, only quite cheap. Description of Video Draft

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