Toyota Land Cruiser 2022 Entered The Middle East To Vietnam, Over 6 Billion

After 2 months since Toyota Vietnam goes to Land Cruiser 2022 genuine genuine. The first Total Enterprise's Toyota Land Cruiser 2022 is taken to the country of the VX 70th Anniversary version (70-year anniversary). Other with Toyota Land Cruiser 2022 VX version in Japan is being distributed genuine. The new imported VX version of Vietnam is produced for the Middle East market to own many different equipment. Moreover, the car belongs to the anniversary version - XV 70th Anniversary version of the 70th anniversary of the LAND Cruiser car with exterior and more attractive equipment

. In the Middle East market, this XV 70th Anniversary version is also known as the VX-S. Furniture of Land Cruiser VX 70th Anniversary version of luxurious design and carrying different points compared to LAND Cruiser VX version input the firm. That difference includes a 20-inch trunk stencils (VX version in Vietnam using 18-inch trays)
Details like fog lights, shot rearview mirrors, the rear bumper bumper are chrome. Location column D has a logo "70th Anniversary" similar to VXR 70th Anniversary version. Other with genuine VX version, using a 3-inch 3-inch V6 gasoline engine (Twin-Turbo) for a capacity of 409 Maximum horsepower and 650nm. VX 70th Anniversary Version Enter Private Entertainment Configuration V6 Capacity 4.0L Suction Natural Gas (N / A) for a maximum capacity of 271 horsepower and maximum torque of 385nm. The strength is transmitted to four wheels (4WD), 3 differential locks, via the new Direct Shift 10-level gearbox (10 AT). In addition, LAND Cruiser 2022 VX and VXR are equipped with a multi-choice system Topography (Multi Terrain Select) - Automatically assess the road surface and select the best driving mode. Next to the multi-terrain display (Multi-Terrain Monitor) - Show instantly obstacles for drivers via the camera under the car. The car furniture is equipped with a central touch screen size 12.3 inches and 7-inch driving support screen, entertainment with 14 speakers of JBL
Cars use automatic regulating 4 independent regions. Preface front seats, ventilation / heating, 10-directional electrical driving chairs, remember 3 chairs, electric seats 8 directions. The sunroof for front seats, 11-inch entertainment screens for rear seats. About safe equipment and driving assistance, this version is also equipped with a new Toyota Safe Sense Sense safe package included : The pre-collision warning system, helps prevent collisions or reduce damage by discovering pedestrians (daytime and night) and cyclists (daytime), emergency steering systems, avoid collide. The brake system supports parking support for the front and post-car obstacles in the parking lot, controlling adaptive journey and more. Currently, the private importer has not revealed the price of TOYOTA TOYOTA LAND Cruiser 2022 entered the Middle East. As anticipated, the Toyota Land Cruiser 2022 XV 70th Anniversary version will have the following after-tax price not less than 6 billion dong.So with genuine imported vehicles, this version owns more attractive exterior, and the session The 70-year anniversary is worth collecting, accompanied by a durable 4.0L V6 engine. However, in terms of optime, it is certain that this version will not bring an interesting experience like V6 version 3.5L Twin Turbo.Video: Details Land Cruiser VX 70th Anniversary 2022.Guyen Chung

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