Toyota Land Cruiser 2022 Middle East More Than 6.5 Billion, About To Come To Vietnam

Less than 1 month since being released in the Middle East. The Toyota Land Cruiser 2022 Imported Middle East has left to Vietnam through private agents. In the next few weeks, the car will be present. There is a car purchase price very early, the private importer has been bringing the new Toyota Land Cruiser 2022 to the country. It is known that the number of vehicles entered about 5 units

. In the photo are the SUV Land Cruiser 2022 cars, preparing to Vietnam - the car is directly imported by the import-export unit from the Middle East market. This is the launch market for Toyota Land Cruiser 2022 SUV Fairy in the world. It is known that Toyota Land Cruiser 2022 is also "hot" in the Middle East market because the number of current Japanese imported vehicles has not met the needs from customers
Basin, winning the purchase of Land Cruiser 2022 is not easy What is for private car entry units in Vietnam. To "buy and sell" to spend more money, accept buying at a high price to bring a car soon is inevitable. Learn, the Toyota Land Cruiser 2022 is about to enter the Middle East in Vietnam in VX- R high-end. In the Middle East, the price of TOYOTA LAND CRUISER 2022 VXR version has a subscription of 355,000 AED (about 2.2 billion dong). Higher life of the old VXR petrol machine V8 5.7L VXR is priced at 329,000 AED (VND 2.05 billion). In fact, the car showroom in the Middle East is selling to this VX.R version to 400,000 AED (about 2 , VND 5 billion), higher than VND 300 million compared to the announcement price
It is on the Middle Eastern Land Cruiser 2022 for Vietnam with a price of more than 2 billion compared to genuine cars. It is easy to understand.Toyota Land Cruiser 2022 Genuine and imported entry will vary in the version, both about equipment. In particular, genuine car imported in the "VX" version is one of 5 versions of GX, AX, VX, ZX and GR-S for sale in Japan. While Land Cruiser 2022 Enter Private Entering is the Middle East version, session Import is the most advanced "VXR", which is one of the three versions of EXR, GXR and VXR sold in the Middle East.Theo, there will be a high price difference between private and genuine cars. Specifically, LAND Cruiser 2022 Middle Eastern import is offered to over VND 6.5 billion, while LAND Cruiser 2022 genuine VX version costs 4.06 billion VND.Video: Toyota Landcruiser 2022 genuine 4 billion genuine . Nguyen Bac

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