Toyota Raize – Model Car Causing ‘fever’ In Young Japanese And Indonesian Young People

With over 120,000 cars sold in Japan in the past year and customers have to wait until about 4 months to receive a car, Raize is actually Toyota's very successful model with urban youth customers. This model is announced by Toyota will soon be released in Vietnam in the future. In: 00/3: 49 The Southwide car consumers worldwide is inclined to handy high roar cars, even though that You only move in urban or picnic weekends, a versatile car will be more interesting. Evidence is that sales of SUV models of all automakers grew rapidly, even super-luxury automakers who produced only sedans (or saloon) have released the SUV cars only me. And in the universal car segment, we see the success of Corolla Cross models in the SUV B C- segment in Vietnam or the explosion of Toyota Raize's sales, belonging to A-SUV segment in Japan and The recent Indonesia is the best example of the first consumer debut in Japan at the end of 2019, Toyota Raize has quickly become one of the best-selling SUVs here

. According to Best Car, Raize's 1/2020 monthly sales of 10,220 vehicles are 2.5 times higher than expected of 4,000 vehicles / month that Toyota has previously set. But do not stop in the first months of opening, the next month Raize is still one of the expensive cars in Japan
Summarizing the 2020, there are a total of 126,038 Raize sold, bringing this SUV to the second selling position in Japan. In the Indonesian market, Raize launched on April 30, 2021 but there were nearly 1,300 orders In just 1 week after being introduced. So far Raize has always reached the top selling models of this market. Raize is manufactured in Indonesia and exported about 50 different markets around the world, so this is considered a global model of the Toyota brand. There are many reasons for the success of Raize's success in Japan and Indonesia, but in the same rules, Raize meets every customer's needs in the A-SUV segment with a young modern design, very reasonable price , many safety features, widely comfortable furniture. A very excited information with Vietnamese consumers is Toyota will also officially launch the Raize car in Vietnam in the future. At that time, Raize would be the first car in Vietnam to fight in the small urban SUV segment. Raize's novelty promises to continue to create a successful string like Corolla Cross for a year ago. According to Toyota Vietnam, Raize will be equipped with many modern amenities. Specifically, the appearance of different colors including single and two-color colors to create a very specific personality, sport, and youthful personality of Raize
Lamp front lights system, fish fin antenna, high led brake lights, 17-inch la-zang, wheel border ... Raize's interior is still widely available on Toyota cars, besides As modern facilities are not inferior to the men's models. Start button with smart key, sporty number switch right on the steering wheel, 9 inch entertainment screen multi smartphone connection, automatic air conditioner, 7-inch digital driver screen with Different ways. Around the foot as well as the headrest of the chair of the second row is very comfortable. The car trunk space is very flexible with many different arrangements, if you fold the second row, you will have nearly 1,200L to store it. In particular, Raize possesses a lot of cavities containing items from the doors, a hand, the price for the cup right in front of the air conditioning to the small tray of the shoes under the first passenger seats. With the price strength Brand treatment with personality design, equipped with a wide range of facilities with spacious interior space, Certainly Toyota Raize will continue to connect the successes that Corolla Cross has created in August last year. We can even think about Raize will exceed sales because the selling price of this model is very attractive to Toyota will be very attractive and extremely competitive.

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