Tracing Killers, Robbing Property Infected With Covid Is Hiding

Ho Chi Minh City Police are eager to arrest the killer, robbery of the property infected with Covid-19 is currently hiding outside the Society in: 00/2: 18 namthun day 15-7, Ho Chi Minh City police officer Notice to many agencies to concentrate, verify, arrest objects in the murder case, robbing property. Accordingly, the title of the object is Nguyen Kim An (26 years old, Native Binh Thuan) once High in Ho Chi Minh City sentenced to death in 2015 in the appellate trial. Tai Pham Hai Crime is killing and robbing property. The victim is's LVD LVD at the time of arrest

. Pd photo of the first instance project, Nguyen Kim An and e. Learning in the same class at the vocational secondary school in Ho Chi Minh City. Both play together quite closely
Lack of lack of laptops, motorcycles ... and often thanks. Take school. Occasionally, An also comes home. To borrow a computing of learning computers. Pirates of motorbikes., An buys a griddle of tranquilizers and appointing you to drink water at the cafe near the bilk of trees (District 6,, on the evening 25 -2-2014 But gaining a bitter drink should spit
Come on June 26, 2014, An re-appointed to come to his inn on Cong Hoa Street (Tan Binh District, Ho Chi Minh City) and take the water with medicine Snemen for drinking. I love you to die, secure and put it in the sack, control the victim's car to Phu My bridge (District 7, Ho Chi Minh City) thrown into the Saigon River. Detecting, AN use the phone of a call for Mother e and stories to be kidnapped for VND 500 million in ransom ... Currently Behavior. In the day, Colonel Tra Van Lao, Deputy Head of Agency Police investigating Ho Chi Minh City Police, also signed a wanted decision for death row inmates Nguyen Kim An. Nguyen Kim An escaped from Chi Hoa prison on July 13 to not identify the place of accommodation. .Hcm, an tall 1m63, black hair, cut the right leg to walk slightly due to injury with a stain in the neck. This white skin, a little fat shape and has a black beard under his chin (may have shaved when hiding). Ho Chi Minh City also informed, the security is positive for Covid-19.To serve the verification of extremely effective triggery, the criminal police offices offer units in the real process Currently, including prevention and control of Covid-19 epidemic in quarantine areas to implement, detect, arrest and announce immediately for a known room to promptly coordinate and handle. Nguyen NEW

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