‘trading The Sunny Day About’ Episode 9, The Page Catches The Staff

While Viet is drunk to discuss the boss in front of the entire staff, he was arrested in 'Sunny Day on' Episode 9.0: 00/1: 21 Southern region00: 00/02: 16In episode 9 Sunny Day About tonight, December 1, the whole page (Huyen Lizzie) organized to eat at the restaurant. While the staff used for each other to praise the boss, Vietnam (Do Duy Nam) enlisted the comment on the page. "People believe it? My boss has not loved anyone. Who doesn't love the original belt

." At that moment Trang came and heard immediately to pat the Vietnamese role. In the meantime, (PSND Lan Huong) organized a spiritual dining at home with the help of Khanh (Lan Phuong). When a friend complimented her daughter-in-law, Ms
Hien added: "My son is also handsome, it also knows what to do, it's not worse." Not to mention Ms. Hien also "exploded" the story of Germany (Hong Dang) to Europe and called Mrs. Nga (Thanh Quy) is a maid to work in the kitchen. Mother for me to go to work more. But just hearing the idea of the daughter, Mrs. Nga shouted: "What? Going to work more like a! Ah? "Will I persuade Russia? What will Khanh say to Ms. Hien when insulting her mother? How will the page turn to Vietnam? Detailed movements of sunny days about episode 9 to vtv1 tonight, 1/12 on VTV3.

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