Traffic Nguyen Thuan: Literature Must Help People Stronger!

Many years to pursue a historical topic, I realized that the history of the Vietnamese people was not only very rich, blameless of floor sediments but also gave many useful messages to people The following life. History here must include all the pictures in the lives of a few thousand years of the Dai Viet clan, but cannot be confused in a few volumes in the history of the concession world. The specialist specializing in cold history, the fame to pass, but many places were looking at the lord of the king's troops that were written for the beautiful Dynasty. Therefore, the historical truth, in many important blocks, saw the magic fuzzy. The person who wrote the history of life afterwards so he was puzzled, stuck with the pen

. Then, our money, especially those holding pen, especially the literary compositions such as Huyen Tu Leave, not only witnessing every historical event but also a virtual sky frame full of virtual turns, is so extremely affordable, spoiled for people after learning. Most, I often looked to Nguyen Thuan's "green transmission". Twenty of his stories always save me on turning points, walls
For me, Nguyen Thuan is not only a writer, he is also a major thinker, a large cultural house with an achievement today is still an extremely important mark of literature. Special and mysterious transmission. He studied and travers with contemporary outstanding titles. As a student of Tuyet Giang Tu Nguyen Binh Nguyen Binh Khiem and you mind delivered with a blooming status of drilling. Phung Khac Drill has a long period of time as a big mandarin in Thanh Hoa, Nghe An, is also the best time to create the best to form "Liao Luc" by Nguyen Thuan. The most famous capital drilling Nhi Le Tieu then. Two Mr. An One Poetry is a student of Nguyen Binh Khiem in Thanh Hoa mountain, which will probably be informed, negative words. Only those who talk with the Holy Practice, talking to the Devils in the Secondary of the Binary Nguyen - Phung Later to be saved to use books have said it. "Genuine", Nguyen Thun first Sign up yourself
Dream of literature. "Glutralization" is the earliest professionalism of Vietnamese people. Before him, the gods of the gods composed poetry from the number to quality can be more than he like Nguyen Trai, Song Tho Van of the instrument always discusses the time, the main army, morality, moral high super.Nguyen Different evil, also from the priests, typical trends, from transmitters in folk, he frankly and bravely, talented and susceptible, skillful and enthusiastic and enters a circuit into human body. When the pen is too enthusiastic, he touched both the Holy Spirit, the King of the North, Pluto under the hermime, the gods, the saints deeply to bring useful lessons for life. Doubtful that, from nearly 500 years ago, Nguyen Khuyen's "Live of Luc" has countless scenes of love of flowers, the cormits despite heaven and earth, crossing the tight frame of the call As the Object, Dharmaism, Joining people tighten people, especially the woman for thousands of years. Pages written about male and female love in "Glutrition" are the most serene pages of Nguyen Thuy. Even stories: "Pepper Tuy"; "Justice of Dao Thi"; "Enlightenment story in Camp West"; "Rice trees" ... The love affairs there are not only a mysterious complex but also the voice of extreme antagonism with ethics. The pen of Nguyen Thuan in these stories makes the behalf after a fear of fear Making a mature mention of the lovers when he exploited straight into the depraves of perverted gries, the traffers traded progressed, the greedy foggles but delicate sympathy, even the dinner ordinary boy love, swearing the communication between Thanh Nhat Thanh Thanh. It is a release of the release in the "rice tree story" between the medium and the Secretary; It was a festival between Ha Nhan and two girls, willow in the "enlightened story in the West camp". Many places are very so much to let go: "Students ask both of her to play their accommodation, charming chat. He ledged, the two blessings said: "We are not spread, but still have a weather, only the rain is heavily sunny, or don't float to soft flower stems." Born with sweetness and then turn off the lights. Fire flavored, lovingly ten paragraphs ". This is for nearly 500 years, but Nguyen Dynasty has written like that is really very stylish." The term of the end "leads the comments of Nguyen Binh's own as one Reading, a point of view. The richness and animal of each comment have been like adding beauty to the work. When he places a great Vietnamese agreement with the Chinese emperors as "the story of the Vuong Temple" has not only opposed to the praise pen of private private but also pointed out in the disrespect of the state , Class dance. The pen of Nguyen Sinh is particularly sharp when having to expose the hones

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