Train Ronaldo, The Problem Of Hitches For All Coaches (period 2): Sir Alex And The Absolute Protection For Him To Study

Ronaldo is very pleased to play the ball at MU because he was trained by the person he was extremely respectful: Sir Alex Ferguson.0: 00/3: 14 namsir Alex and the absolute protection spirit for Ronaldokhi game Story to Sir Alex Ferguson about Ronaldo, the first thing could see that his gaze lit up. Sir Alex loves to talk about the student that he surpasses Arsenal and Chelsea to bring to Old Trafford. He did not miss any occasion to praise Ronaldo.Sir Alex Ferguson spent a special affection for his pet "Cristiano Ronaldo is the most talented player I have trained," Sir Alex wrote in autobiography

. "He goes far beyond all the great players I have trained at United". The relationship between Sir Alex and Ronaldo comes from mutual respects absolutely. This relationship is far aspect of football expertise
Ronaldo never forgot Sir Alex's support when his father died in 2005, or how he joined him after he made Wayne Rooney to receive a red card at the 2006.Ronaldo World Cup to be considered Rooney to receive The red card at the 2006Cr7 World Cup must receive countless criticism of his newspapers after the "blink of eyes" with the referee when Rooney eats the red card leaves the field. Even Ronaldo removed Man United after that event. However, Sir Alex is determined to protect Ronaldo, even flying straight to Portugal to convince him to study the puppy. It is like that, but not the famous Ronaldo with famous "hair drying" of Sir Alex. Other coaches may avoid loudly scolding Ronaldo, but Sir Alex does not.Sir Alex does not hesitate to "dry" Ronaldo if he plays Lisbon from Sporting Lisbon, so he really wants to look at the enemy Benfica failed . However, trying to perform in front of this opponent in the Champions League, causing CR7 to lose too much ball. "That match becomes Cristiano Ronaldo's show", former central defender Rio Ferdinand writes in autobiography. "He kept performing a technique but inefficient
We lost and Sir Alex gave him enough: 'Play the ball alone? Why do you think you are a hell?" "Sir Alex is very brave to do So. He knows that Ronaldo is the key to help us win all tournaments. Other coaches must not dare to voice with stars. I have never seen coach England, David Beckham, Steven Gerrard or Frank Lampard like So. And Sir Alex doesn't bother anyone ". Sir Alex's law helps Ronaldo harder than Man Man who thinks that every time Sir Alex shout Ronaldo means he is warning all. "That's how Sir Alex threatened the team: 'You are anyone who doesn't matter but the souls that kicks are kind," Ferdinand recalls.Ferguson also protects Ronaldo when Ruud van Nistelrooy pushes the young joy on the training ground because No ball for you. During rehearsals, Sir Alex proved to be pleased when the players entered the ball fierce with Ronaldo. He wants CR7 more hard. Sir Alex did a lot of things that are now no longer needed. He understood, what he would be rewarded. "In the tactic, he understood everything," Laszlo Boloni, coach gave Ronaldo to the light at Sporting Lisbon. "Sometimes he tries to go to the ball but is a mistake and loses the ball. I just need to 'Ronaldo', immediately only a few seconds later he does the right thing to do." "I don't have to explain anything . Don't need to 'go back, run over the left, cut it in ...', don't need anything. There is no need to shake, Ronaldo appears in the right position or regain the ball. I don't need to remind you Tactical face ".

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