Trampling And Shooting At The Airport In Kabul, Causing 40 People To Kill

Quoting a Taliban commander, Television channel tolonews reported, at least 40 people were killed since August 15 in a trampling and shooting crop at Kabul.0: 00/1 international airport: 04 domain NamDam gathered near C-17 aircraft at the international airport in Kabul. According to the above commander, the people died when the "foreign army opened fire" and in a trampling crop. He called on people to not go to the airport and did not "listen to the rumors that could fly abroad." The Afghan people went to the airport to tell the tolonews channel that they hoped to leave the country when listening to some news Kabul people sought to leave without visa or passport

. Moreover, many women are rushing to the airport due to the instability situation in the country because they are afraid to live under the management of the Taliban. The number of people is supposed to die when clinging to the plane to leave Kabul and falls. Besides, the Taliban called on the people at home
However, the crowd still reached the airport in hopes of leaving the country. August 15, the Taliban gunmen entered Kabul without fighting and capturing the Afghan capital within a few hours. Stickers on the aircraft recorded:

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