Tran Manh Tuan Wife: ‘i Shed Tears When I Saw Her Husband From The Dead Back’

Ms. Kieu Dam Linh - Ba Xa Tran Manh Tuan was choked when he recalled his journey with his commune to win life in a month of emergency hospitalization because of a stroke.02: 00/2: 36 namng namuan Tran Manh Tuan Get on a sunbathing garden00: 00/01: 53 More a month of emergency in Military Medical Hospital 175 (Ho Chi Minh City) for stroke, Health Tran Manh Tuan has gradually recovered. South artists are out of ICU rooms, now actively practicing physiotherapy with the support of doctors. The journey exceeded his "death door" caused relatives, friends and beloved audiences not touching

. Health Tran Manh Tuan was actively developed with VietNamNet, Ms. Kieu Dam Linh - Ba Xa Tran Manh Tuan said she did not stop tears when accompanied and witnessed the stack of husbands from the dead back. "Health he was recovering well
He realized everyone, could chat, the legs were weak But moving. Before that, the hospital used to ask Mr. Tuan to be half a person. The doctor considered this as a Huu case because the patients like him so far are very difficult. Just level Save 4 minutes late, I didn't save anymore. As a wife, I don't know what to say more in addition to the writers of doctors, colleagues and audiences. The interrogator is still long and long Nan. I prayed you soon recovered, "she shared. Kieu Kieu Dam Linh - My wife Tran Manh Tuan was adjacent to him in extremely difficult times. Looking back a month of birth and death, Ms
Linh called this "miracle". When the husband fell into a critical state, she desperately burst into tears. However, thanks to strong spirit, the energy helps Tran Manh Tuan can pass. Currently, artists continue to be practiced to eat, water transmission and practice physiotherapy movements. If progressing, in the next few days he will return to the normal room and does not need to intervene medical equipment. Hospital beds, the commune every day opening Buddha music for Tran Manh Tuan. She said I had to take on a lot of roles: both nursing, teachers, also the friend confided with him. She helped her husband to manage numbers, moving his limbs and often reminded memories to help him restore the brain. "He now seemed like a child to say and get acquainted with everything around. The punch The stroke left sequelae that he was easily touched, burst into tears and remember to forget forget. I didn't realize my wife. But a person who has just experienced the "most deck of birth" like I have to understand And sympathy. The most needed now is optimism and patience to overcome the remaining thorns, "she said. Many people who wish Tran Manh Tuan's trumpet will soon return on stage. August 17, musician Tran Manh Tuan hospitalized for emergency because of a stroke. Ms. Xa Nam Artist discovered he had headaches, then fell at his house. She was with a family member quickly to bring him to Military Medicine Hospital 175 (Ho Chi Minh City). South artists are diagnosed with broken blood vessels. Before falling illness, Tran Manh Tuan actively participated in arts activities in the episodes. The image of male artists performed in the quarantine area made many people emotions.

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