Transparency In Insurance Business Activities

After 20 years, the insurance market (TTBH) has grown, many relevant law provisions reveal the inadequacies and inconsistencies ... Need to be revised. Therefore, many opinions said that the draft Law on Insurance Business (Amendment) Need to ensure the legal corridor to develop safe, transparent, sustainable and efficient and effective

. Mobilizing multi-level capital to discuss the Insurance Business Law (amendment) at the second session, XV National Assembly, Delegate Nguyen Thi Thu Dung (Thai Binh Doan) said that in practice must be very noticeable Taking advantage of insurance service business types to form capital mobilization, especially mobilizing multi-level capital through various channels. Specifically, each buyer turns into a virtual agent, an informal dealer and then returning to search, enticing lower-level buyers. From there formed multi-level lines and leads to risks and breaks
"Currently, we have a common contract, electronic contract contracts on cyberspace, this is a loophole to Multi-level business statues can take advantage of ", Delegate analysis and suggestions should consider adding additional provisions or stating the responsibilities of state agencies, authorities to Ensuring management and sanctions for incurred issues. Dinh Nguyen Thi Minh Trang (Doan Vinh Long) indicates, currently the situation of inviting, introducing and promoting insurance products in a Thai way Out with many forms of direct or indirect forms, through messaging activities, regular, continuous phones of a non-small unit of insurance business employees have truly annoying customers. Besides, there are many insurance contract disputes that the main cause comes from providing dishonest information from one side or both sides when the insurance event is gone. , it is necessary to have clear regulations, it is specific to prohibited acts in all stages of insurance business, participating in insurance and insurance business activities, not only in behavior of insurance enterprises and beneficiaries, insured, but also the acts of insurance brokers, insurance agents as well as collaborators. Truong Xuan Cu (Hanoi Group) said that, In order to improve the quality of insurance business, overcome the status of many agents providing customers in the same rights of insurance and restrictions on the insurance buyer to cancel the contract halfway, the draft law requires regulations Adjustment, increase transparency in insurance business activities of insurance enterprises. At the same time, it is necessary to regulate the level of culture for insurance agents, associated with regulations on training time for participants as insurance agents. A number of specific contents of the Draft Law, Chairman of Vu Hong Thanh Economic Committee proposes to clarify compulsory insurance and compulsory insurance to buy insurance. Currently, there are 2 types of compulsory insurance; Expect the coverage of each compulsory insurance product, meeting the criteria for compulsory insurance, can suggest amending and supplementing the content and name of the insurance product to match In fact, the orientation of the insurance market is in insurance enterprises, which require a drafting agency to continue to review the regulations related to business subjects (such as: business conditions and establishment , corporate governance, internal control and audit organizations, important titles of insurance enterprises ..
) to ensure publicity, transparency, clear, convenient, do not create financial burden, administrative for businesses; Avoid overweight intervention of state management agencies in business autonomy, protecting business secrets of enterprises and in line with the Enterprise Law in 2020. Building healthy insurance market Minister of Finance Ho Duc Phoc said that the draft Insurance Business Law (amendment) consists of 8 chapters, 156 articles, clinging to the purpose, point of directing and concretizing 07 policy groups for construction The law has been adopted by the Government in Resolution No. 121 / NQ-CP dated December 31, 2019. Contents are amended, supplemented and new regulations include: Subjects of application expansion compared to the old Law is a mutual organization providing micro-insurance; amendments and supplements to explain words to match the relevant practices and laws; Principles for providing and using amendment insurance services to comply with current laws, international practices and international commitments in Vietnam participating (EVFTA, CPTPP); Insurance types into 03 basic types according to international practices are life insurance, non-life insurance and compulsory health insurance and insurance and limited to reflect the nature of the type of Bao This danger. The law supplements the new regulations to improve the executive management of the enterprise as a new regulation on internal operations, internal control, internal audit, risk management according to national practices Mediterranean, suitable for the nature

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