Travel Advice: Conduct With Companions During The Trip

The trip will become more fun and memorable when you have one or more companions. It can be relatives in families, friends or new people who are familiar with the delegation. Who is it, you also need time to adapt, get acquainted with him. Here are some experiences behaving to the companion so that the trip becomes perfect with memorable experiences. 1

.00: 00/1: 50 nam nuns Meeting with a known or familiar family will accompany you I should also meet or exchange before email, chat ..
to find out the interests and habits of that person to avoid possible conflicts. Because the trip lasts for many days, changing the habit of living, space, time ... can be exterior effects that make it easy to give you psychology, frustrating with the enemy, so , Meeting in advance will help you have a fun trip, more comfortable. Help the spending plans you should discuss the plan to spend before and during the trip because this is the more detailed Conflicts arise. It is necessary to have a specific plan, calculating the "hard" costs such as airline tickets, hiring hotels, visa fees, dining, sightseeing tickets ... to each submit to an estimated funding
The team leader is the person who is responsible for fully spending on and evaluating with the members at the end of the day to avoid unreasonable misunderstandings. Feelings control together for many days can cause you to feel Unpleasant sense by differences in habits and daily life. So try to control your feelings and find a gentle suggestions with the opponent to better understand each other. Always keep positive and optimistic psychology so that it can easily solve incidents and difficulties. Just a person in the tired, irritable delegation also makes the trip heavy. Recognizing the difference when deciding to travel in groups, you should be happy to accept the differences of the members. Sometimes, you can learn from them from the differences. If you feel hard to harmerate from the beginning, seek to withdraw to avoid negative emotions or unfortunate things that can happen.

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