Trimmer, 500 Neat Hair Head Doctors Are Ready To Fight Epidemic

Holding trimmer and pulling and pulling, from the hairs of the barber, after about 30 minutes of male messy hair is neat.0: 00/2: 28 Nam Then understand the hard struggle The translation of the epidemic head if long hair will cause inconvenience when performing professional work, especially for a long time wearing protective costumes, Andre Lecharoux - owner of a hair salon on the street (Hanoi) Connecting the students, colleagues to free hair cutting for medicine, Bach Mai hospital doctor. Before going to the hospital haircut, 19 members were tested for Covid 19 for free, all for the end Characterous fruits and heads, the group is estimated about nearly 200 y doctors will be hairdressed. But due to busy work, along with having Hanoi is stretching in society, finding a store to cut hair is impossible to be more than 500 y, doctors and medical staff hospitals with a haircut. After Focusing trimming and creating samples to have the most satisfied products for some doctors, during a short break, British Andre confided: "What's happier when I'm gone with a grapes Small for society

. Tomorrow, when I woke up, the white shirt warriors were adjusted to the hair, farewell to the family and colleagues, flying into the southern people as a duty against epidemic. I hope the white warriors of Bach Mai hospital are healthy, soon stamping and quickly returning to the family reunion ". There are brave male doctors who want to shave their hair but also have female doctors again Want to be beautiful, aesthetic hair that still ensures safety in medical protective clothing
All of the British groups responded and caught their love. Many y, the doctor is ready to "go to hair" to create a neat with thoughts "hair can regroup and make sure the disease must be pushed back". In the hospital hall, nearly 20 traction trees From 8am to nearly midnight, the end.Ts.S.Baby Tran Song Giang, Head of Bach Mai Hospital Social Work, said, 18/8, nearly 170 Bach Mai Hospital Medicine. Line line for the South. Before leaving, the doctor's officer was encouraged by the people in general, including those who work in other areas. In particular, Mr. Andre's haircut group accepted his haircut for cadres, medicine doctors
Jiang Xi Jiang shared, expressing the thanks: "The haircut artist works forget the time , enthusiastic, fun, even in difficult conditions, lunch with box rice with brothers and doctors. They stood cutting hair from 8am to nearly 21am. The officials, the doctor is very touched, excited, in everyone's hair translation. There have been nearly 500 officers, Bach Mai Hospital Medicine is a haircut, beauty ". Hairdressers are tested for Covid-19 and give negative results. They are all hair and long practice experts Five years of experience. All officers, Bach Mai Hospital staff have a need to have a haircut for free. Nearly a month, salons must close due to social relaxation. Meanwhile, Long hair often causes inconvenience to your doctor when wearing protective clothes, performing professional work. Most male doctors want the shortest hairstyle to be assured of treatment for patients during the time Time on duty at the hospital to wear hair for women to take a lot more time, but still be the 'hand pulling' 'professional handling neatly. Haircut group received a thank you letter Bach Mai Hospital after "slapped" for a large number of doctors. After being cut hair neatly, 18/8, nearly 200 officials, Bach Mai hospital staff continued to go to the library for Ho Chi Minh City This is an export N 5th of Bach Mai Hospital of Bach Mai Hospital for Ho Chi Minh City. There were nearly 500 officials and medical staff of Bach Mai BV sharing hands with the southern people to fight with Covid-19.Pamboo - Thanh Nam

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