Trinh Thlam Has No Compensation And Survival In The Us

In a 'Mind of Letter' shared at 3:00 am, Zhou Thlamed to ask the netizens to don't treat her like 'sinners', and reveal the struggling situation in the land of the countryside 9: 00/3: 02 South Southern to about 3pm on July 21 (local time), Trinh Trang continues to catch attention with long posts sharing the current misery situation on the personal Weibo page. In the "Mind" Painting public do not treat her as a sinner. "You can don't like me, but don't pose anything to me," she wrote.Theo 30-year-old actress, she was suffering with a struggling life, lacking in the United States. Specifically, in the land of the countryside, Trinh Thlam cannot work, without income, must live depending on the help of friends

. She had to take it as much as it was, to drink tap water every day, only a total of 5 T-shirts and 2 jeans to change. She did not even dare to put apart food, even the essential things like sanitary napkins and multi-purpose paper had to save all of them. When she craved Chinese food, she only dared to buy green, ginger, garlic and chives To rinse eggs
The amount to win she used to buy toys, fruits for two and paid for the child's raising course that the court requires before. "All I remain is a true heart and hope Fatty Justice. All my bank accounts and the family are frozen. I don't have any help but friends. If you want to know how miserable me, I can tell me more, but I ask everyone Don't hung up dirty water on me and my family, "she urgently." Love you from the look The first "still declared, could not pay for the huge compensation that TV series affected by her scandal asked for the situation, the fact that she kept silent because she didn't want the agency Related functions must be under pressure from public opinion. At the same time, the actress is also ashamed of acts of hiring pregnant people, taking time to reflect and ask himself. However, Zhou Dam emphasized, that does not mean accusations of aiming for her are true. According to the world, whether the person of the public, she first is still a human being, with emotions and thrilling Personal sadness, impossible because some words uttered during anger and evaluating her moral status. Live in the US of Trinh Thlam is not pleasant
Fame. She pointed out, besides doing no money, in fact showing that her posts have never reached the top of the Social Network. Beautiful people implied the old love of Truong Hang to buy "angle" (virtual account Farming to lead public opinion) His harm. The actress born in 1991 also questioned whether publicly on social networks Secret recording or meaningful messaging history does not? After all, Zhou Dam hoped her tax issues were thing Tra in the correct ordinary order, instead of default to assign her "tax evasion". "I love children more than anything else ... I will continue to focus on children and farming courses Teach children. I will not respond to other issues. If possible, I wish the authorities to handle publicly the allegations, "said two children. Before that one day, the first time after 3 months after 3 months" silence "has a new move on Personal page on pregnancy scandal, tax evasion. Accordingly, actress apologized to the state and public agency because of the negative effects caused by Scandal she, and prayed to the opportunity to clarify the truth. Oanhtheo Sina

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