Triumph Tiger Sport 660 Is About To Launch, General Platform With Trident 660

Triumph Tiger Sport 660 tourist motor model is expected to be sold in early 2022 with a price of 9,295 USD (about 211.6 million VND) .0: 00/1: 52 namtriumph region has officially launched a model Tiger Sport 660 belonging to the Sport Touring line, using a platform with Trident 660 last year and is the smallest model in the Adventure vehicle group of Triumph. Triumph Tiger Sport 660 tournament is expected to sell into At the beginning of 2022, it was priced at 9,295 USD with a 3-cylinder engine, giving a maximum capacity of 80 horsepower at the 10,250 rpm, the maximum torque of 64 nm at 6,250 rpm. Combining with a 6-speed transmission integrated anti-slip-resistant clutch, the two-way fast-fitting set is an option

. The car has two driving modes as Road and Rain, going with the electronic scooter. Filled with a volume of 17 liters of 206 kg. The car can move up to 370km after filling the petrol
The car's highness is 835 mm. Car equipped with TFT-LCD displays all the necessary information that the driver needs, and has the ability to connect My Triumph to allow tracking navigation, connecting Go Pro as well as smartphones Nissin's front / back braking system with double brake 2 piston front with a brake disc of 300 mm diameter. The rear uses a single brake shackle 1 piston and a brake disc 255 mm. Also, ABS is currently equipped with standard and does not have the function on / off ABS as Tiger 900 models. 17 inches, accompanied by Michelin Road tires 5. The front and end shock absorbers of the Showa brand and have the same 150 mm journey. Other driving facilities include: windshield adjustable height, system FULL LED LED MINISTER

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