Trong Nghia Is In An Emergency Situation Because Of To Hoang’s Monk

To Hoang indirectly came down with the children of the enemy in the past. However, he did not know that it was his own son.0 of the year. What's worrisome. Don't want to Buddha's wife, To Hoang outside the face pretend to agree with her but in my mind, I'm attempting to be a monk to kill the whole family, who dared to follow him until the day Now

. The demonic conspiracy will follow each other to go to Ba Le's family. Photo: PHPTo "broke" the widow "stubbornly", To Hoang bribed the guards so that they turned them to beat, seriously means mercilessly. However, it was only the opening of the first screen he wanted to descend the people who dared to get to Vinh Phu Phu, which he had abandoned the effort to pursue, cultivate
The soup has become a minions of To Hoang.With the criminal criminals have been acquitted but suddenly abused "Life of death" makes it extremely unwindful. I don't know who to save, because all the guards are The person who works on the order of To Hoang. The worrying thing is that the whole family is still unaware that their son currently has only half the lives in the residential house. The meaning is tortured "with a lack of death". In another situation, she village Dream for feeling the most sickness of the network of the world invited him and as you want to go home so she to have the opportunity to respond to a love. . While he did not repress the emotion, Li Ngu Lai was angry and got lost in the forest at midnight. At the right of anger and get lost in the forest. The audience watched the next movements of the movie The story of Vietnam was born in part 3 to air at 20 hours from Monday to Saturday on THVL1

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