Truck Driver Was Unexpectedly When Winning 100 Million Vnd From Tan Hiep Phat

On July 20, he had a lot of trucks, a truck driver and loading in Ninh Kieu district, Can Tho said it was 100 million VND from the Program 'tear immediately' of Tan Hiep Phat Group. 0:00 / 2: 43 Southern Southern "Tearing right-round" program of Tan Hiep Phat has awarded more than 300 thousand awards, including 03 awards of 100 million VND and may be coming to 1.2 billion VND for guests Item in this summer. Photo: Thpanh Hai shared was very unexpected when receiving a message from the bank to report on the account sent to the account sent by Tan Hiep Phat Company. The program "tear immediately" of Tan Hiep Phat's awarded more than 300 Thousands of awards, including 3 awards of 100 million VND and can be upcoming 1

.2 billion dong for customers this year. "I doubt and fear others tricked because I have been deceived. Rewards
When the representative of the company contacting a reward procedure, only a few simple papers are in the same number of bank accounts, because I don't 'lose' so I send it and don't think about winning for your family Family and work in the days of stretching this way ". According to Mr. Hai, 100 million VND of Tan Hiep Phat Company sent at this time as a huge amount for family, he is extremely thankful for the company given Large amounts in this particularly difficult time.Anh Cho, 36 years old, previously pirated, moved to the truck driver 'Process' in the hope of having a more stable job to worry about his wife The old mother and mother. The life is associated with his "Nine Van Van" formerly, which only meals this meal. Mr. Hai wife served as a hotel journey, because the epidemic had a break at home for half a month. 100 Million, Mr. Hai was planned in addition to repaying a part, he would make a loft for 2 children with a sleeping place, because the house of 26m2 of his family was the place of living in 3 generations including old mother, wife His husband and 2 children. The hope of the money with the amount received, he will have the cost of renovating houses, undergoing the moment is very difficult by the current epidemic and has more motivation to rise in life
Hai was the third person hit 100 million VND from the program "tear immediately" of Tan Hiep Phat Company. Earlier, there were two people who won the 100 million prize as Mr. Dang Chinh in Kon Tum and Ms. Nguyen Thi Ty in Quang Ngai. Along with that over 300 thousand awards have been given to participants in the program throughout the country from the beginning of April to early July. Tan Hiep Phat is one of the leading enterprises in the Vietnam refreshment industry . Enterprises focus on health benefits. The products of Tan Hiep Phat are recognized as a national brand and won the national gold quality gold tournament such as Dr Thanh Thermal Tea, Green Tea, Number 1 increasing water ... The products of Tan Hiep Phat are easy Everbought at all stores nationwide and on e-commerce sites such asà-dr-thanh/;à dr thanh./. armor / BNews / TTXVN

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