Truffle Mushrooms Grow In The Desert In The Middle East

Mushroom trees located in the Middle Eastern desert are a confusing thing with scientists and is a specialty of favorite gourmets, but not easy to find. In the sky years, the autumn and winter thunderstorms Water to the eastern Mediterranean desert. At the beginning of the spring, a few places, the ground cracked, signs with desert truffle below. A harvest with a long history began. Photo: Reuters

. In the Middle East, people have collected special mushrooms, rich in protein for thousands of years. They are used to eat, sell, or make medicine. Up to now, people continue to search for them, even face many risks
For some people, these Truffle mushroom trees are entirely worthy of effort. Photo: Reuters. The desert Truffle Mushroom Research Scientists describe them as interesting and "mystery" species. Over the past two decades, they have tested ancient knowledge of this less known species, developing their incredible ability hypotheses - adapted and growth in one of the most dry places world. Photo: Ao. In Iraq and Kuwait, desert Truffle mushrooms are sold for $ 6-60 / kg. In Saudi Arabia, they have at least 170 USD / kg. Name Kama in Arabic, this fungus is so famous to Kuwait with a temporary market to sell them. In Iraq, the spring market specializes in selling Truffle appeared in the southern regions. Photo: Reuters
This day, the desert Truffle mushrooms in those markets are often imported from other places - Iran, Saudi Arabia, Libya, Morocco - due to the finding of them locally hazardously dangerous. They may be kidnapped, or entangled to submarine from the 1991 Gulf War. Concentrated and has ancient cutting price. However, the desert truffle mushroom is not the same, but a nutritious dish in the daily menu of the local people. Photo: La Times. A common desert truffle mushroom is terfezia, they have brown from light to bold, even black, and softer than potatoes a bit. Other types, Tirmania, are white and textured like conventional mushrooms. Their taste of the bar but different, richer and more reliable, can permeat the flavor from other foods when cooking together. A mushroom has a weight of about 30-300 g. Photo: Kuwait. After a working day, people looking for mushrooms can bake mushrooms on coal to eat. The gourmetic urban population is boiled or stir-fried with butter, adding fresh and tech, or stir-fry with eggs to make pita cake. Some grill them in Kabob style, among pitches, or cook soup with camel milk. Photo: Reuters.An NgocTheo Ao

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