Trungnam Group Plans To Organize The Middleland Marathon Award – The Theme ‘overlapped’

To be permitted by the People's Committee of Tra Vinh Province, TrungNam Group plans to organize the Marathon Central Vietnam - the theme 'overparted' on 11/12/2021 with the supply of special roads in the Western waters of the country. This is the first marathon contest held on a 25km long bridge, which is considered the longest in Vietnam's only offshore wind power project at the present time - Dong Hai wind power project 1 tea Vinh of Trungnam Group. This very meaningful sporting event is weltered by professional athletes and participants from all over the country and supports. With a scale of up to 1,000 professional and professional athletes , the competition is where high spirit of sports and national pride of athletes, participants when they were first run on the hometown. More than a conventional sports tournament, the central Marathon "overlaps" evoke the pride of patriotic children and will protect the hometown waters, longing for construction of string International stagle with talent, with Vietnamese human energy

. Every windbreak on the road is a milestone for the spirit and pride, marking territorial sovereignty on the seas.TrungNam Group is extremely honored to coordinate with Tra Vinh People's Committee to organize and sponsor For this event, we also had certain preparations to be able to welcome professional and semi-professional athletes to participate. However, for objective reasons and Pandemic Covid - 19 also complicated developments in the provinces across the country, we would like to announce the events to organize the event to another occasion to ensure the standard work Being thoughtful, more complete
For the general purpose and meaning of the event for the community, we are looking forward to receiving understanding and sympathy from the athlete interested in the contest. With all the efforts, because of a solid marathon Separately carrying a spirit of sovereignty on the seaside Vietnam, Trungnam Group asked permission to invite athletes to participate in the last day, to create a meaningful and safe marathon. The event will be officially updated by the Organizing Committee in the eariest time.

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