Truong Hoang Mai Anh Suggested Ta How To Mix Beautiful Things To Collect

Just look at how hot girl Truong Hoang Mai Anh area, women will learn a lot of ways to mix beautiful things this fall. The first child with singer Jaykii. She is known as one of the famous Ha Thanh hot girls, a lookbook model of many fashion shops in Hanoi. Truong Hoang Mai Anh also contributed to dramas such as bone-cast cakes, Thanh Xuan age, Village Ma 2 .

.. She is currently not only admired because there is a beautiful love like Jaykii but also Follow "terrible" because there are pure dresses. Looking at how Truong Hoang Mai Anh area, sisters will have many ideas on beautiful things for this fall
Can see Blazer is one of the favorite Items of the 28-year-old girl. She also has a rich way to mix Blazer. At the top of the crop top, Short Biker shorts and black cardboard with pink blazer shirts make the set to be eye-catching, interesting. With white blazer, she chooses to press with the same skirt and spearhead ton -Sur-ton creates an extreme look to the extreme, suitable for girls to go to the event, go to partner. Want to seem more personality and "cool", please study Hoang Mai Anh ARRIMITED BLAZER FOR FORM Wide Caro, coordinating with white culottes and sneakers. In the day of SE SE, you can wear a top crop shirt with long and outerwear with an oversize blazer to lift the style. The feminine dresses are also hot Girl favor. She always prioritizes short skirt shapes and bright motifs to add a young part that can show off long legs thoroughly. The way Truong Hoang Mai Anh chose a skirt rarely made the person look bored by the diversity, "high hands" in the coordination. For example, the golden square-necked caro dress she was wearing highlighting the delicate green straps and made the wearer look sweeter than the academy was also very suitable for the girls to cross a cross skirt, wearing foot socks with Oxford shoes Beautifully dating, hanging out with friends in the fall, as Truong Hoang Mai Anh Mix long-sleeved shirt with black skirt and petrol, both feminine and still have sexy parts
, change the wind a bit with a long shirts with a sweater combined with long boots.Set the dynamic sports set, liberal is also a good suggestion for girls this year. But Truong Hoang Mai Anh is still confident "hacking age" with long T-shirt items combined with overalls. She looks on this set that is both lovely, attractive. Moon (General)

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