Truth About Processed Foods In The Supermarket

When entering the supermarket, standing in front of the shelves of the processed food boxes are carefully packed with the presentation and color attraction, sometimes you will make the misconceptions <: 00/3 : 17 Navigators illustrate when buying ready-made foods, pay attention to fried fried dishes, there are many garlic and spices, this may be the way the camouflage seller has expired. Salads have meat or fish Often expires faster than salads only vegetables. Salad with mixing oil will be safer than the salad mixed with Mayonnaise sauce. The revenue food counters also have the potential risk of loss of hygiene because anyone has to touch the morning and transmit bacteria. In addition, few people know these foods are sold here ever and how long it is

. And if they are not preserved at the right temperature, the ability to be broken is very high. In addition, they can be stored overnight and then sold. Note, ready-made foods need to be in glassware (they are easily oxidized if left in metal maps) and in the cabinet, Each dish has a separate scoop
Staff when taking goods to guests must wear gloves only once. The job must pay attention to preprepted food, you should not buy these items when buying items in supermarkets: Bottled water Some people turn jobs Buying bottled water becomes a habit of shopping in the supermarket. The habit of spending in addition to increasing plastic waste pouring into the environment, there is a bad effect on your wallet. The price of bottled water is more than a thousand times more than using water purifier from the water purifier in the water purifier family. So buying a water bottle in the supermarket is a huge waste that you have to modify immediately. The items repackaged the food with a self-packed supermarket are more likely to expire or about to expire. The packing date does not make sense in this case, because the sticker can change many times a day. That's why you should ask the seller to pack food in front of you, or choose to buy these Goods are packed at the factory. Mai fibrous shorts are cut into a true yarn that is convenient to use, but this item is always more expensive than buying a large block of cheese, then Go home to cut into a microfiber. In addition, the pre-packaged yarn cutting cheese also contains many food additives and more preservatives, not good for health
Packaging foods are deformed The food is flat, deformed, the crack appears, the cardboard cover is punctured ... Best should not buy. They can be a sign of storage, wrong shipping, even expired foods. The brand has a brand name if you are unable to live a lack of coffee every day, the money spent money for coffee monthly It is a small number. Want to save costs, when you go to the supermarket, don't visit the coffee area of different brands. Suggestions for you to go to specialized stores to buy whole coffee, then grind and make at home. Do not only help us save money but also a way to get fragrant coffee cups Delicious of oral connoisseurs. Other ordinary colorful foods are often eye-catching but not better quality than the same product that dark. Fruits and vegetables grown on the ground are often dull, spots and other defects even though they are fresh. Bright colors of salmon can get by using chemical color. Another example is Tomato sauce and other sauces. Although we are always attracted to bright fever jars, it is better to choose natural color sauce, because it means they are made from natural ingredients. Suspected - 7 boiled items Very good for health should eat daily

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