Tuan Loi Company Limited: Angeles The Prestigious Brand On The Construction Market

With transparent, clear, humanized business activities and elite human resources, good professional skills, modern machinery and equipment systems, after nearly 20 years of construction and development, Tuan Loi Co., Ltd. has grown strongly, confidently affirming the brand position in the construction market in Lam Dong province. With the strength of the legal records, techniques, human resources and supervised Experience fully meeting the criteria in accordance with regulations, Tuan Loi has surpassed many contractors and selected by investors as construction contractors to implement many bidding packages and construction works. Works conducted by Tuan Loi shows the enthusiasm and effectively responds to the rigorous requirements of technical, advanced art, quality assurance, construction and labor safety schedule, the opposite cooperation, customers are reliable and appreciated

. Especially, all projects that the company participates in bidding and being selected by investors are publicly, transparent, clear, ensuring competition Fair between contractors. According to Mr. Le Van Tuan - Director of the Company: "We always support the bidding packages online by extensive bidding packages according to regulations, posting bidding information on the bidding system page National electronics, ensuring competitiveness, transparency, creating equality among businesses
Besides, we also look forward to receiving multi-dimensional, objective, transparent, respectful information, ... This not only contributes to the efficiency of using the investment capital of the State, fighting loss and rectification Fees, but also encouraged the development business. "There is no random that Tuan Loi has a position like today. In order to achieve these successes, thanks to greatly in the leadership, directing the talent of "school boat" Le Van Tuan. Spending nearly half-life for the work of "creating construction works", "The captain" Le Van Tuan - Director of Tuan Loi Company Limited is always mindful of "a prosperous country indispensable the lines Beautiful Street, beautiful works to contribute to the surrogation of the country. Each beautiful architectural works must contain within many unique and creative ideas of the design and construction team, not only bringing a realistic meaning of housing but also a soul artwork, A beautiful lives value ". Therefore, for nearly 20 years, although in any circumstances, "the captain" that talent is always consistent with the motto "Prestige - Quality - Effectively on top", firmly Gold mentioned the "boat" of Tuan Loi company to overcome this difficulty to another difficulty to get a solid position like today. Accordingly, on the construction and development journey, the company has boldly invested and renewed modern technology equipment equipment to serve well even complex works that require the most rigorous techniques
Along with that, the company always focuses on building high quality human resources with a staff, experts in the field of consulting and construction design are experienced people with a large number of engineers and ants Professor and professional workers are well trained. Although in any circumstances, the CB-CNV collective company is also active, creative, hard-working, efforts to strive to fulfill all assigned tasks. Song with the concentration of production development Export business, Tuan Loi also pays special attention to building and developing corporate culture, seeing this a gold factor leading to success. At the same time, often interested in improving material and spiritual life for CB-CNV, ensuring everyone in the company lived, working in a best, conditional environment for dark development Multi-purpose itself. In the context of the Covid-19 pandemic and unpredictable movements, it has negatively affected every socio-economic, like many other businesses, Tuan Loi Co., Ltd. Face with many difficulties and challenges. However, though in any circumstances, the CB-CNV collective company also always raised the spirit of solidarity, determined to perform well "dual target", preventing Covid-19 disease in the spirit of "anti-epidemic As anti-auto ", just strive to complete the plans; Since then, it is constantly contributing to its strength into the growth of the construction industry, increasingly bringing many projects, quality works, with sustainable value with time, contributing to promoting socio-economic development Sustainable ./. Ngoc Thanh

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