Turn On A 2,000-year-old Collar, Panic, A Living Organism

In the excavation in Hubei, China, archaeologists discovered an old grave more than 2,000 years old. When the tombs opened, he startled to discover a 'Turtle' Turtle Cow out. Chinese archaeological experts have discovered an old grave more than 2,000 years old in Hubei, China. This Tay Han tomb has a complex and internal structure with a lot of water. Therefore, experts have many difficulties in the excavation

. To enter the ancient tomb, the expert group uses a clean suction device. Next, experts proceed to screen mud screening to help the ancient tombs of Tay Han's house dry. In that process, the archaeological experts startled with the movement in the mud
After looking carefully, they realized it was a large-sized turtle crawling. According to experts, this is a "tutor" turtle has lived for a long time in the grave. This is the first time the archaeologists discovered a live animal in the old tomb more than 2,000 years old. With this special discovery, experts have just been happy. The old Chinese people believe that the turtle represents luck, longevity. Therefore, many people have a petite hobby to make pets. Therefore, after died, many people were buried with some of their favorite pets, including turtles. From here, some people are curious whether the turtle in the ancient grave is buried with people from over 2,000 years ago. Before this question, experts said that the ability was extremely low. Because of the long life, the turtle could not live more than 2,000 years
Accordingly, even though the ancient people buried the turtle with the deceased, it could not live today. In the process of excavating the grave, the professionals discovered this place had been infringinged by a hackers. They took out some precious necks. Experts said that a turtle was accidentally pulled into the ancient grave from the time the thieves dig. It lives in an old grave flooded for many years before being found. Readers watching videos: Detecting ancient tombs over 1,400 years. Source: Ha Tinh News. English (TH)

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