Turn On How To Buy 11 Billion Resort Villas In Italy For Vnd 800,000

A British couple decided to award luxury resort villas in the Garfagnana region, Tuscany to serve a unexpected purpose.0 of the year: 00/1: 52 south of 2020, after held a sale session Lottery tickets with winners are a private villa in Tuscan, Mr. Jon and Annmarie Nurse has earned US $ 69,000 to donate to a children's fund in England and Wales. Ants, couple decided to organize another charity lottery ticket this year. The reward will be a four-bedroom villa with a value of up to 470,000 US dollars (nearly VND 11 billion) in Garfagnana, rural Tuscan

.Hai Nurse couple will use the villas for that charitable purposes , With every lottery ticket cost about $ 35 US dollars (800,000 VND), players will be involved in lucky drawing. The winner will be entitled to own this property, from making it into a resort villas to stay or lease. Transfer taxes and legal charges will also be paid in advance
Also, a pair of round-trip tickets, travel fees and hotels for 2 days 1 night took place the transfer process was also worried by the organization. The only conditions given to awarded this expensive villas as Nurse's couple will have to sell at least 20,000 tickets. In the case of lower selling tickets, the award will be regulated for cash. 4-bedroom villa with a spacious swimming pool is awarded this time in an area 'unprecedented' of Italy with a peaceful position in the countryside on a beautiful hill. From the villa can also see the panoramic Tuscan National Park as well as the far side of the far side. Villa resort located on a hill in the rural area of Italy is the ideal destination for families to come Visit Forte Dei Marmi, Cinque Terre or Abetone Ski Area. The villas are built according to local architecture with wide surrounding gardens and spacious pools. The window and shutters are made of chestnut wood characterized. The amount of donation will be transferred to the couples to support children and teenagers who are abused, exploited and abandoned. Do An (Travel and Leisure)

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