Turn On The 10 Cars That The World Billionaires Have Chosen Daily Drivers

Owning huge assets, many billionaires own luxury automotive collections while others are quite modest with normal cars instances.0: 00/8: 48 nam billion rich others are others Special and eccentric. They belong to the top people who are most urgent including ride. Many of them possess expensive cars worth millions of dollars, but the few don't like bragging, they choose more popular, spacious and comfortable cars for traveling daily. , Hotcars page has been listed 10 cars that billionaires often use: 10

. BMW X5 2021 of BMW Female, Susanne Klatten SUV X5 has a capacity of 523 horsepower to use female billionaire Susanne KlattenBA Susanne Klatten, the heir to the German BMW car group, owning a net asset group estimated 28, 9 billion USD. It is a rather perspective and does not like to attract the attention of public opinion, she chooses a gray SUV to travel daily. Due to simply this car is spacious, with legroom stretching and discreet , especially after what she had encountered from love exercise in 2009
9. Jeffery Bezoshonda Accord 1999 of Jeffery Bezoshonda Accord of Jeffery Bezos (Photo: Hotcars) Jeffery Bezos in the Honda Accord 1999 (Photo Hotcars) Bezos is known as the founder, CEO and president of multinational technology company Amazon. With net assets nearly 200 billion USD, do you think Bezos will move in some flashy expensive cars? Are not! Bezos chose a 1999 Honda Accord. Coming here you also wondered what driving before Accord? The answer was a 1987 Chevrolet Blazer. He carried the packages to the post office on this car. From recycled wooden desks to the cars he goes, it seems like Bezos doesn't like spending much for his daily work. This is also Amazon's activity philosophy, which is only paying for important things to customers. The Accord is ranked on safety and trust. When asked "Why is Accord?", He said, "This is a perfectly good car." 8
McLaren F1 1997 of Tesla Boss - Elon Muskxe McLaren F1 1997 that Elon Musk owns (Photo: Hotcars) Elon Musk is a von is a "crazy mind" that is always full of unique ideas. He is the founder, CEO of SPACEX; Investors, CEOs and architects of Tesla; The Boring Company; co-founder of neuralink; Co-founder and the original Chairman of Openai. His current net asset was estimated to be worth 182.1 billion USD. The first terrible super car supercar was McLaren F1 in 1997. The billionaire bought this car for $ 815,000 in 1999, when he was 28 years old. The main model is a self-rewarding gift after the company reselling $ 22 million in Silicon Valley. After the use of 11,000 miles, the F1 was in distress. Elon Musk reselled the F1 in 2007. This is a car with a number of 067 out of 106 F1 produced.Lon Musk tops Tesla and is long known for the innovation in the automotive industry bridge. This billionaire often uses automobile brands as it owners, although he also acknowledges that in addition to owning a Jaguar type 1E Seri 67.7. Toyota Prius of the Founder of Google - Larry Pagelary Page and Sergey Brin Founder Google (Photo: Hotcars) LARY Page (116.4 billion) is the Founder of Google with Sergey Brin. Currently, they both choose to drive the Toyota Prius.Prius as a hybrid model that owns a breakthrough technology foundation that is commonly used in California. It is ranked as one of the most "clean" means and the most fuel economy sold in the United States. Jumpy with the name of Silicon Valley, Prius is a good choice because the technology has made the cars It is more friendly with the environment. Its activity range is also quite good, much wider than pure combustion sedans and hatchbacks, with a distance of nearly 600 km before leaving gasoline.6. Ford Customline 1995 of Mark CubanShark Mark Cuban owns the Ford Customline 1955 SA Flower (Photo: Hotcars) Billionaire on the driver and friends (Photo Hotcars) Mark Cuban is an American businessman and investor. He is the owner of the NBA Dallas Mavericks, co-owned by 2929 Entertainment and president of AXS TV. He is also one of the "shark" investors in ABC's Shark Tank program series. He doesn't just love the car but also fascinate the whole car. He saw him driving his Ford Customline car in 1955 leaving Maverick or Shark Tank programs only to express passionately. He also sold the V8 3 speed due to gas-monkey-garage made in one Auction. Now, he mainly drives on the Mercedes-Benz S600 Pullman Guard, a small limo suitable for his whole family.5. Honda Fit of Facebook CEO - Mark Zuckerburghoda Fit (Photo: Hotcars) Zuck driving the Honda Fit to work daily (Photo: Hotcars) Mark Zuckerberg, co-founder, CEO of Facebook, currently owns property near 130, 8 billion USD. However, Zuc

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