Turn On The Principles Of ‘real Di Di’ During Acne Treatment

Understanding the principles when treating acne will help to dissolve persistent worries about acne. On the market, anti-inflammatory acne medications, reduce skin hemsters, creating ventilation for pores Be a lot sold. However, the sisters should remember that acne treatment preparations only stop at symptomatic treatment, not preventing acne causes. After all of the beauty steps, acne treatment is not an easy task. In order for treatment to be more effective, there are the following principles that need to be followed: Keep clean and use acne medication, which are always clean and properly prevented and pushed back to the causes Acne

. Don't just wash your face or abuse of cleanser with a large bleaching is also harmful to the skin. Illustration. Only wash your face 2 times a day with warm water with a little lemonade or salt Dirt and exfoliating skin, skin will clean and tighten pores
Can also use oil absorbent paper for a lot of oil faces. And it is important not to touch the face when the hand has not been washed, avoiding the intrusion of bacteria into the skin. Do not use the miscarriage of the miscarriage of the acne, very easy to leave scars. The hand is not safe for the skin, so it is recommended to use acne when acne is dry to avoid scarring, darkness and infection for the skin. Nutrition with those with allergic geography Should avoid seafood, irritating substances such as coffee, alcohol, beer, food is too spicy and fatty foods. Some types of tubers are good for acne treatment such as potatoes, carrots, sweet potatoes, green vegetables such as cabbage, broccoli, kale, asparagus ... fruits like: orange, grapefruit, apple, Grapes, watermelons .
. are also very good for the skin. Drinking enough 2 liters of water combined with fruit juice is a way to beautify the inside of the woman, contributing to repel the status of acne. Drinking plenty of water is also good for physique, supporting weight loss .... pause makeup people when acne tends to apply thick concealer layer to cover ugly but reality Conversely. Makeup only helps temporarily shield but even more severe and hard-to-cessile acne. Good and beautiful

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