Turn On The Road To Reduce The Road To Help Girls Reduce 20kg 1 Year, 10 Years Do Not Gain Weight Again

With this road reduction diet, girlfriend can effectively lose weight without worrying about weight gain Returned.02 / 2: 28 Southern sugar-cutting diets have become popular in recent years. . The road mentioned here is not only granular sugar but also starch when removing fiber. The Japanese Nutrition Reiwei Aso has shared the secret of dieting to help girls can reduce 20kg for 1 year and 10 years without gaining weight again

. Girlfriend please refer to the secret of nutrition professionals! Rei Aso nutritionist said that women after age 35 are prone to gain weight due to work pressure, not much mobilizing. Girlfriend should eat a lot of salads, fish, meat to reduce starch and weight loss efficiency. In addition, this dining method also helps girlfriends get beautiful skin smooth, bright pink as expected
3 stage of sugar reduction diet1. The adaptation stage (the amount of sugar in daily daily diets under 60 grams) Rei Aso experts said the first 2 weeks was the hardest time and girlfriends needed to strictly implement non-sugar diets. After 2 weeks, you will gradually feel familiar and no longer depend on the road. The weight loss phase (diet rich in protein, low fat) during sugar reduction in diets, you don't need to reduce protein like meat, fish, eggs, cheese, benign grease. You just need to avoid sugar foods that are. When you're hungry, you can still eat because the feeling of hunger can affect your ability to work, practice. The maintenance phase (the amount of daily food maintained at a moderate level) wants to lose weight, do not hesitate to cook for themselves. Cook yourself, you will adjust your own spices, volume and self-cook yourself the best food for health. Food You should eat: - Beef-pork-processed foods from soy - Seaweed - Fish-cheese Food You should avoid: - Rice tongue - oatmeal - dried fruit - noodle yarn snack- Commercial vegetable juice - wheat-bread-freshwater You can eat all kinds Vegetables are comfortable. However, pumpkins, potatoes, carrots often contain many sugars, you should limit eating these foods
In addition, butter and lemon are fruits that contain very little sugar content. You can eat during weight loss. When processing food, you need to pay more attention to spice tasting. You should use simple spices like salt, pepper, soy sauce, oil, v.v., and add some herbs or spices. You should not use sugar, noodle sauce, ketchup, sweet sauce, especially barbecue sauce also contains a lot of sugar. Quynh Trang / According to Sundaymore

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